Friday, 20 October, 2017

Ask the Optician

In a new eye-health column, Specsavers Marbella boss Leighton Griffiths advises over 60s to get an eye test once a year

Even e-cigarettes may be harmful to the eyes

Amrik Sappal from Specsavers Fuengirola has the lowdown

Specsavers discuss women's eyes

We all know that it’s not healthy for you to smoke, but few people know that it can also affect your vision

Leighton Griffiths, Store Director at Specsavers Opticas Marbella, gives the low down on how to look best in specs
TESTING TIMES: Specsavers Optima are introducing revolutionary new eye-testing kit

The total cost of sight loss to the UK economy is in the region of £28 billion a year

AmrikSappal tackles three common but uncomfortable issues for eyes

This time of year there are lots of hazards for the eyes

As temperatures rise and everyone hits the beach, we see more and more people coming into the store with sore eyes. Here’s how to protect yours...
TESTING TIMES: Specsavers Optima are introducing revolutionary new eye-testing kit

Diabetes can affect your eyes

The over-60s are more at risk of glaucoma but babies and young adults can also be affected

Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative retinal eye disease that causes progressive loss of central vision. Smokers double the risk of developing it

Just like shoes, it’s all in the fit says Leighton Griffiths, store director at Specsavers Opticas Marbella

Amrik Sappal of Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola, talks about retinal photography and why it is an important eye health innovation

On the 27th of February, Kylie Minogue launched her first ever eyewear collection exclusively at Specsavers, which combine elegance and edginess, reflecting Kylie’s own personal...

A how-to guide on protecting your eyes this summer

LAST month there was a story in the press about a lady who had 27 contact lenses removed from her eye by surgeons. This...

Marbella and Fuengirola stores offering glasses for just 10€

Children’s eye health by Amrik Sappal, store director, Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola

Leighton Griffiths from Specsavers Marbella explains the importance of regular eye tests

The full spec on this year’s hottest trends in glasses

Keep an eye on your vision




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