Friday, 20 October, 2017


Lifeguards saved Reece's daughter and another man in the rescue attempt

Healthy living, nutrition and spirituality all discussed at weekend event

A major clean up operation is underway with a JCB digger brought in as well as a dozen workers at the site

Following last month’s police raid on a long-time hippy colony near Granada, the Olive Press sent Jed Neill to discover whether these New Age...

Environmental groups lobby Spanish government to cut down by 30%

A cold front sweeping in from the west has ended September's record-breaking run

The conditions are predicted to last until Friday

Meteorologists Aemet are now issuing a warning to Spanish farmers as they predict more of the same for the months ahead

‘Waste not want not’ as Andalucia’s iconic crop goes electric

Kind-hearted businesses are also needed to do their bit for those living in stricken areas such as Coin, Cartama and Fuengirola, whose homes were ruined in the recent deadly Malaga region deluges

It comes after Andalucia’s PSOE slammed PP leaders for massively reducing Doñana’s state funding from €428,000 in 2016 to just €142,000 this year

With the news that up to 85 per cent of Andalucia is under threat from desertification, in this simple Q&A scientist AZZAM QASRAWI explains the phenomenon of climate change

Plan aims to save the equivalent of 28.7 million barrels of oil per year

Late summers and climate change force a Spanish ski resort to turn to artificial snow.

Olive oil production in the Mediterranean is taking a hit from a bacterium that has already wiped out a million trees in Italy

The Eco Reserva above Ojen is a wildlife oasis where all ages can get up close to deer and other woodland creatures while learning about the environment and sustainability

Good news for bird of prey as pylons throughout Donana National Park made completely safe to land on

Claire Doole visits a Córdoba olive farmer and finds he is doing his bit to combat global warming

Rare birds found dead

Fury as Fuengirola refuses to back plastic bag levy

While littering almost doubled, the amount of bonfires decreased 'significantly'

A detox of the land, which was used to store petrol in the 1970s, took place in 2002 but new legislation demands more tests

As forest fires force evacuations in northern Spain, forest fire reinforcement services strike for fair wages




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