Sunday, 30 April, 2017

La Cultura

Otis jr. will reprise many of his father’s hits at his debut show in Spain

A petition demanding work be started on the restoration of the Lope de Vega theatre has gained 5,100 signatures

Straw-hatted athlete Francisco Contreras Padilla, who regularly competes in races of over 100km at the ripe old age of 78, has been celebrated in Super Paco: Kilometros de Vida

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez criticised the letter for not using her own name, which she said was ‘ironic’ as it was an invitation to an International Women’s Day event

Los Leones boosted their chances after climbing two places to 21st in the world rankings

Clients can ask that the dolls be put in specific positions

This annual festival celebrates Andalucia's status as an autonomous community

A promoter for the club shrugged off the criticisms

A further seven were injured during the festival

She has been appointed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Campaigners want Rota Mayor Jose Javier Ruiz Arana to ban the event

Manilva council will front up most of the costs

Valtonyc has been convicted of threats, glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown

Just 46% are completely satisfied with their partnership

It is the first time that some of these paintings have ever been shown outside the States

Rights group Toniza has requested a meeting with Chiclana Town Hall

A new exhibition will focus on post-war and late 20th century art

Some 500 people attended the Benhavis Decorative Fine Arts Society's event

A new method of calcium dating has put the caves at 20,000 years old

The government has announced plans to reduce VAT from 21% to 10%

The anniversary has been marked by a series of events

AN operation to raise a 250-year-old British ship from the waters around Uruguay is set to begin on February 10.  As the Olive Press reported...

The popular paper has been printing since 1999

It is not known if authorities have become involved



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