Monday, 11 December, 2017

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€6,000 in cash, growing equipment and 494 plants were seized during the bust.

Spanish police have intercepted a €3.5m drug smuggling operation in Alicante

A test showed that the baby had the drug present in her bloodstream

Some 200,000 people are now believed to be members

British cars stolen in southern Spain used by drug smuggling gang

EXCLUSIVE: Courts hold expat’s passport for four years without charge

Acourt is suspected of having a hand in a £4million cannabis smuggling ring

EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of expats reunited with prized possessions after missing containers are found

Najib Ghezeil, 26, received three years and four months in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges

RGP Marine boats intercept boat as crew dumps drug cargo in the sea

A police raid on her home uncovered two cannabis plants and nearly 3,000 grams of hash

More than 100 kilos of marijuana were seized in the raid

The men were last seen heading towards Puente Mayorga, in Spain, after a high speed chase

The world’s biggest cannabis festival is coming to Malaga

Police find a surprise stuffing in load of 'smoked fish'

The Catalan town of Rasquera hoped to make cash by leasing land for therapeutic cannabis cultivation

Virgin tycoon claims legalising cannabis could solve Spain’s economic problems

Police had been following him after he was seen driving erratically

Marijuana farm will create 40 jobs and pay off 1.3 million euro town hall debt

In a recent bust HM Customs and the Royal Gibraltar Police seized a car stashed full of cannabis resin worth £3.9million

Head policeman in prison after second round of questioning by judge

British drug dealers caught by police on the Costa Tropical face six year prison sentence

Schoolboys from posh public school St Paul’s caught with cannabis in Spain

The gang, who were aged from 22 to 78 and came from Liverpool, are accused of ecstacy and cannabis smuggling

Spain is second country to approve the drug containing cannabis




A DEAD man was found with his head and parts of his shoulders trapped under a vehicle on Ramón Muntaner street in Palma on...
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