Monday, July 23, 2018
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A raise in minimum wage on the horizon

AN agreement to raise the minimum wage next year is likely to take place tonight (Tuesday) at 5pm. The meeting between the Minister of Employment,...

Spain’s job listings omit key information

Almost 75% of Spain’s job listings do not mention wage or salary

Spanish teachers suffer massive pay cuts

Compared to EU neighbours, Spanish teachers are seeing massive pay cuts

Spanish bosses are among highest paid in Europe

Spanish CEOs defy crisis with second highest wages at €788 per hour

Spain’s Royal family takes pay cut

The royals took the cut as a gesture of solidarity with public sector workers

Worker woe

Spaniards work a longer week on average than other European nations despite the average Spanish salary being much lower, according to Eurostat.

€14,000 pay cut for Antequera mayor

Manuel Baron takes 22 per cent pay cut (yes, you read it correctly)

Andalucia’s doctors: lowest-paid in Spain

Southern Spain's doctors earn dramatically less than their fellow Spanish medical professionals


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