Tuesday, 21 November, 2017

Tag: Syria

ISIS has released its first propaganda video in Spanish and it features a young jihadist from Andalucia.  It comes a week after terrorist attacks in Catalonia which left 15 people dead and over 100 injured. In...

The Barcelona forward’s charity has created 20 classrooms for displaced children

The total market value of all the family's properties in Spain is reported to be a whopping €691 million

ISIS sympathisers in Spain are being urged to 'attack, attack, attack!'

Authorities say the lifeless body was found on Friday

Spain sent two F-18 fighters to intercept the Russian planes

The page is gaining almost 500 new Spanish-speaking followers a week

They were hoping to be trained before launching an attack in Europe

The drowning of seven African migrants en route to Tarifa this month highlighted again the 21st century’s biggest crisis, writes Joe Duggan

Spain received the most asylum requests from Syria in 2015

They were kidnapped last July while reporting from Syria

Denmark emerged as the happiest country in the world

Seven arrested following terrorist haul in Algeciras and Valencia

Ambassador Simon Manley and his staff helped raise €41,000

Labour foreign secretary defies Jeremy Corbyn to vote for military action

Luke Andrews says we should do be doing more to help them

Syrian refugees are now settled in Junta de Los Rios

As predicted five years ago, Greece is still a country to watch when it comes to the euro’s future, writes Ian Le Breton, Managing Director of Sovereign Trust

As Europe tackles the growing refugee crisis, Rob Horgan reports on the radical change in mindset to a harrowing human exodus that has been building for years

Zaid and his father Osama Abdul travelled to Spain last week after a Spanish football school offered Osama a job. Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo tripped Osama as he ran across the Hungary-Serbia border with Zaid in his arms

Mohsen hit the world's headlines after Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo tripped him as he ran across the Hungary-Serbia border with his son Zaid in his arms
The dukes Sevilla palace

Spanish nobility rolls out red carpet and houses Syrian refugees in family palace

Diaz has called for tighter controls to prevent ISIS members infiltrating the ‘avalanche’ of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria




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