The Eagle has crash landed near Sevilla

Rescue centre 'bought and sold' rare eagles and chicks in order to justify millions in grants

Kangaroo steaks hop off the menu

Estepa restaurant also serves up other meats including ostrich and buffalo

16 arrested over Spanish Imperial Eagle egg thefts

Centre in charge of the recovery program for the endangered Spanish Imperial Eagle has been linked to the thefts

Gay pride flying high in Spain

'Gay pride' flag flew over the Andalucian parliament for the first time this weekend to mark the annual Gay Pride festivities.

Ryanair passengers suffer dehydration after Sevilla delay

An 18 month old baby among those treated after enduring extreme temperatures

World’s biggest wooden structure unveiled in Andalucia

Sevilla’s new 90 million euro ‘parasol’ is revealed

British bands dominate Sevilla festival lineup

Klaxons, Orbital and The Fall all to descend on Andalucia for one of Spain’s biggest festivals

Digital age of Spanish art

The first Ubicua festival kicks off in Sevilla

USA choir to hit high notes in Andalucia

Harvard-Westlake Chamber Singers from California to perform free concerts in Cordoba and Seville

Sevilla royal visit for Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, heading to Spain

Killer’s suicide attempt came after he implicated friend in murder of Spanish teen

The self-confessed killer of Sevilla teenager Marta del Castillo tried to end his life after implicating his friend 'El Cuco' in her death

What a moron!

Mayor of Moron de la Frontera investigated for building home without a licence

Spanish mayor calls it quits

A mayor faces jail for racking up a 6,000 euro phone bill while talking to his girlfriend on work phone

Man killed by lightning after more heavy rain hits southern Spain

A man has died and a child has gone missing as southern Spain is hit by more heavy rain

Hospital evacuated as heavy rain brings severe flooding to parts of Andalucia

Hospital patients and residents in Sevilla are evacuated following torrential downpour

La Toya Jackson gets frisky in Sevilla

La Toya attends the annual International Horse Fair

Cruise ships to dock 70km inland

Sevilla courts cruise ships with ambitious river dredging project

Slippery slope for eel catchers

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive

Daily Mail faces trouble over 10-year-old mum

The Spanish Attorney General hopes to prosecute the British daily newspaper for printing photos of the young parents

Sevilla for chocoholics

Nativity scene created from 1,500 kilos of chocolate by master chocolatiers from Rute (Cordoba)

No leg to stand on

Where are the missing half a million Iberian pigs that go to make the world’s best ham?

Murdered priest

Two 19-year-old gay prostitutes have been charged with the murder of a priest

Calling the impossible

A consumer watchdog has taken action against phone giant Orange on behalf of a Sevilla woman whose 500 euro phone bill included “impossible” calls.

Oz pupils perform concert in Andalucia

A choir and chamber orchestra from the MLC School in Sydney, Australia are performing a concert in Andalucia this weekend.

Married to the job

Lovebirds find the dream job testing honeymoon suites around southern Spain

U2 are too loud for Spain

U2 have been fined for practising too loudly during rehearsals