Thursday, September 24, 2020


Mallorca bather slammed after hiring helicopter to swim at protected beauty spot

S'Illot des Toro off-limits to people as bird and nature sanctuary

British man arrested in Mallorca after allegedly trying to throw girlfriend from balcony

Two more British men arrested in separate incident after fight

Balearic Islands sea rescue crew answered 597 emergency calls in 2016

Rescue teams must respond when fans fire distress flares to celebrate during Barca v Real games

Mallorca police investigate graffiti daubed on Palma Catholic churches

Inverted crosses and hate messages lead to seven complaints

Marbella among most expensive areas to rent AND buy property in Spain, new report finds

Marbella was also named one of the top three hardest areas to buy in Spain

Beautiful Balearic island on the market for €3.7 million

Illa d’en Colom just off the coast of Menorca

Russian billionaire’s €410 million super yacht cruising round Balearic Islands

Vessel boasts three 300ft masts larger than Big Ben

American rock band Bad Religion heading to Mallorca for concert

Punk legends coming to Balearic Island in July

Morgan Freeman lookalike spotted partying in Mallorca

Shawshank Redemption doppelgänger seen in Magaluf

90% of Spain’s exported jamon a ‘massive fraud’, claims leading German newspaper

A 2001 regulation allowed ham from Iberico pigs that had been cross-bred with American Duroc pigs to be labelled Iberico

Suspected ISIS terrorist planned London-Bridge-style massacre in Mallorca

Suspected jihadists planned to go on stabbing spree in Inca

Parents and brother of Mallorca politician Alvaro Gijon released in corruption probe

Family accused of helping to money launder hundreds of thousands of euros

Head of suspected Mallorca ISIS terror cell called for Islamic state on Balearic island

Islamist preacher Tarik Chadlioui filmed in Palma calling for Islamic state to be established

Young British holidaymaker in critical state after fall from third-floor Mallorca flat

The 19-year-old suffered a broken leg and other life-threatening injuries after Magaluf tumble

British lad flew to London via Spain because it was cheaper than getting train

British rail passengers spend six times more on train fares than their European counterparts

Mallorca ISIS terror suspects may have been radicalised recently, neighbours suggest

Suspected terror gang flown to Madrid in police helicopters

British campaigners in Spain blast Theresa May on Brexit citizen rights proposals

Brits living in EU shouldn't be 'sacrificial lambs', say campaigners

Mallorca and British cops swoop to arrest ISIS terror suspects in joint operation

Six held in raids as UK police arrest 44-year-old Imam

Average property prices rise by 25% in the southwest of Mallorca since 2016

Average property prices up to €2.11 million

Stop Sickness Scam campaign by ABTA is good move in fight against fake claims

Those found guilty could face up to three years in Spanish jail

Novelist sets new murder-mystery book among Mallorca expat community

Deirdre Quiery bases The Secret Wound in Soller

Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed after Spanish woman files paternity claim

Woman claims her mother had an affair with world-famous artist

Two British men arrested after sickening Magaluf attack on fellow tourist

Victim beaten round head and stabbed with bottle during savage two-minute onslaught

New Balearic Islands art project helps to raise environmental awareness

Los Almendros de Ibiza to help fight decline of Ibiza almond industry

Eight-foot shark causes panic among Mallorca bathers

Beaches closed after blue shark sends terrified swimmers scrambling to shore

OP columnist Hamish Goddard watches the boats – and superyachts – dock into Palma

Yachts in Palma Bay never ceaase to amaze, writes Hamish