Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New bail out fears

But Zapatero insists Spain is ok

Spain resists bailout pressure

Spain is hoping to avoid the fate of Ireland and Greece in resorting to the EU's emergency loans package

Slow recovery for Marbella’s hotels

Marbella's hotels begin to fill up again after a worst year in living memory

Sky’s the limited

Thinking of starting up a business? Lawyer Adolfo Martos Gross of GAM abogados explains the Spanish SL and why it might be better to be autonomo, particularly when you are going it alone

UK gets wind of Spain’s top turbine maker

Gamesa has announced they are to set up shop in Britain

M&S plans to expand

While Zara and co are creaming it in the UK, British retail giant plans to make big moves back in Spain

Second homes in third world

An Andalucian based architects has launched a campaign to offer free homes to some of the world’s poorest people

Ring up the best deals

Shoppers may soon be able to leave their wallets and credit cards at home

Euro danger

Recession could cause end of euro, says Nobel winning scientist

Expat’s €35m tax hit

Miss Ascot and dump your UK phone to avoid British tax

In the money

Malaga has the highest-earning hotels in Spain

No more A-plus

SPAIN’S credit rating has been downgraded

The sweet smell of success

Jon Clarke on the fall and rise of the sweet Moscatel wines from the Axarquia

The debt crisis could be over

Prime Minister Zapatero has declared the debt crisis is over in Europe

Business red tape is triple in Spain

It takes three times as long to set up a business in Spain than elsewhere in the western world

The 20 billion euro man

The head of Zara has just entered the world’s Top Ten thanks to new online stores

Euro economy grows

Europe Central Bank sees a one per cent growth in the second quarter

Euro boost as Spain sells debt

Spain's deficit is finally shrinking, after two years of recession

Secret millionaire comes to Granada

Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry visits Granada Hotel

Apprentice gets a ticking off

Alan Sugar being investigated over claims his purchase of parts of the Byblos Hotel was fraudulent

Ice cream by the Malaga sea

Ben and Jerry's will open a shop in Malaga's revitalised port area

Statistics and lies in Spain

David Rick of Torcal Estates has seen a 100 per cent increase in offers this year, with an average sale price of 1,228 euros per metre square

‘La Clegg’ breezes into windy Spain role

Spanish wife of UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg has swept up a new job

Spain house sales on the up

Country registers a 1.5 per cent rise in sales compared to same time last year

Bring an end to Spain’s black economy

It’s no secret that many people are ‘working in the black’ around Andalucia. Now the authorities need to get tough and set an example if the labour market is to be finally regulated, writes Andrew Pearce

Civil servants on strike

Public sector workers in protest against PM Zapatero's austerity measures