Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to handle Spain’s Hacienda

In a bid to raise much needed funds the Inland Revenue is making new demands on foreign property owners, writes Antonio Flores

Maria Esther’s killer sentenced to eight years

The sentence is the maximum possible for a minor

The Brothers Grim

Brother of Eric 'Lucky' Wilson is given a life sentence

British benefit fraudster lived life of luxury in Spain

Yorkshire mother jailed for 18 months after claiming over 45,000 euros in benefits

Dangerous paedophile attacked teen in Spain

‘Most Wanted’ Dominic Powell made a move on British girl, 17, after offering her free board and lodging

British paedophile arrested in Fuengirola after Most Wanted appeal

Dominic Steven Powell was arrested hours after the latest campaign went live

Police track dangerous British criminals in Spain

Crimestoppers release latest rogues gallery of British criminals including murderers, drug traffickers and a paedophile.

Teenager found dumped by the side of the road in Spain was shot for trying to steal marijuana

Police have arrested a man for the murder of the Moroccan youngster

Dead Moroccan dumped on Marbella roadside

The 15-year-old had suffered gunshot wounds to the face and is thought to have been thrown from a moving vehicle

Psychic sentence

A Brit who acted as an accomplice to psychic conman George Lavery is arrested in Madrid

Costa del Sol conman moves on

Toni Muldoon is rumoured to have gone to Turkey

Dan Smith’s killer used three passports

Irish hitman was using three passports to travel undetected in the lead up to his arrest

Malaga man robs bank of 120 euros to pay bar bill

He was arrested after paying his tab

New lord of Bent-ley hall?

Former timeshare tout buys three million country pile

Marbella golf pro grilled over child abuse

Sean William Stiff is being held by police amid claims by alleged victim now in teens

Britain’s minted mobsters in Spain

Half of UK’s Top Ten criminals - net worth one billion euros - have links to Spain

Campo de Gibraltar sex gang rounded up

15 Romanians arrested for coercing women into prostitution

Expat revenge attack over affair

British man arrested after allegedly stabbing a fellow Brit he accused of having an affair with his wife

The wrong bed in Spain

Drunk Brit who smashed down door and fell asleep in the wrong hotel faces a 3,500 euro fine

No benefit for Costa holiday cheats

Couple who splashed 160,000 euros of taxpayers money on funding a lavish lifestyle that included holidays in Marbella have been jailed

It could be him!

In a continuation of our ‘Beat the Cheats’ campaign, James Bryce investigates the thousands of ‘dancing expat’ claimants who are committing benefit fraud in Spain

Spanish panty robbers get knickered!

Pair stole a huge stash of women’s underwear

Spanish lawyer Jose Luis Garcia Maseda in court

Smooth-talking Jose Luis Maseda is finally grilled in the dock over multi-million euro fraud

Justice at last in Spain

Timeshare Toni gets prison sentence

Suspected Costa del Sol drugs lord arrested

Brit held in connection with 90 million euro cocaine empire