Thursday, March 4, 2021

Minister extends nightlife ban on Spain’s Costa Blanca through to late October

A BAN on nightlife businesses will be extended for a further 21 days in the Valencian Community. The measure...

Economic woe as billions of Euros disappear from Benidorm and Costa Blanca tourist industry in Spain

TOURIST INCOME has collapsed by 70 per cent across the Costa Blanca and Valencian Community during the first nine months of 2020...

Second-biggest day of pandemic for COVID-19 cases across Spain’s Valencian Community

THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY has reported the second-largest single day total of new COVID-19 cases in the region. Wednesday night's...

Valencia is open says tourism chief

By Eugene Costello VALENCIA remains open for visitors, with COVID restrictions more relaxed than most other regions, insists tourist...

THE FALL OF FRANCO: Valencia Guardia Civil remove fascist symbols from city barracks

Shields had previously been taken down from schools, churches, and army headquarters

Missing teenage prostitute found dead in irrigation ditch near Valencia

THE worst hypothesis finally came true regarding Florina Gogos, the 19-year-old girl who worked as a prostitute in the Valencia area and...

ONE WEEK ON: Riots over rapper’s arrest continue while issue deeply divides Spanish government and public opinion

Far from blowing over, the original issue has now split into several different directions.

‘Several days’ of home alone for abandoned six-year-old boy in Spain’s Valencia City

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy was left home alone for several days by his parents in a Valencian Community town, according to the Policia...

Woman who fell on pavement due to mulberry tree berries loses payout bid in Spain’s Valencia City

A WOMAN has lost her bid to get €20,000 in compensation after she slipped on a pavement covered with fallen berries.

Islamic State recruiter in Benidorm area who targeted young people is arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A MAN has been arrested on the Costa Blanca for recruiting young people to support the Islamic State terror group.

Rollback on COVID-19 record high in Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW coronavirus cases recorded a fall last night(November 11) after a Tuesday's daily record in the Valencian Community. Health...

SWAN’S CORNER: Legal Pointers on Building in Valencia

SO you have found your perfect fixer upper home in Valencia and now its time to put your own stamp in it....

Valencia region leads industrial recovery in Spain

THE Valencia region is spearheading the gradual recovery of industry in Spain following the COVID-inflicted crash. Led by the...

One child dies and another is critically injured in unrelated suicide attempts in Valencia within 12 hours of each...

A CHILD aged 13 committed suicide just 12 hours after another 10-year-old boy reportedly attempted to take his own life in Valencia...

First death reported of pregnant woman with COVID-19 in Spain’s Valencian Community

A 40-year-old Villarreal woman has become the first pregnant victim of COVID-19 in the Valencian Community. She passed away...

New COVID-19 cases are halved over 24 hours across Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community have seen a dramatic fall over a 24-hour period. Wednesday evening's...

Angry father starts revenge fire that severely burns young boy in Spain’s Valencia City

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy suffered 50 per cent burns after an angry father set fire to a Valencia City house.

Fresh COVID-19 cases continue to spiral despite marginal drop across Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community showed a slight fall in the latest report published on Thursday evening(October 29).

More days for festive curfew reductions but less time in Spain’s Valencian Community

THE Valencian Community, which includes the Costa Blanca, is to get six days of curfew time relaxations over the festive period.

IT’S RAINING MILLIONS: Spain’s El Gordo Christmas lottery floods the Valencian Community with joy – and lots of cash

The Christmas El Gordo lottery left €43.7 million in the La Safor district capital on Tuesday

Valencia man rapes and tries to strangle wife before being set free

The woman was eight weeks pregnant at the time, which her husband apparently knew

Valencian ‘star surgeon’ included on Forbes list of 100 best doctors in Spain

THE new edition of the Forbes list of the 100 best doctors in Spain now has a Valencian name on it.

AT LAST: New dialysis centre for Castellon’s Vinaros to open next month

VINAROS (Castellon) will have a new dialysis centre in March. Patients with kidney trouble will be able to begin...

Restaurant waitress in Spain´s Valencia gets attacked after customer refuses to wear a mask

A waitress at a Valencia City fast food restaurant suffered a bloody nose after being attacked by a customer who refused to...

Top regional figure calls for ‘traffic light’ scheme to help tourism on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A CALL has been made to introduce a 'traffic light' system to classify COVID-19 safety levels in Spain's tourist areas.

Third teenager in group rape assault within three weeks in Spain’s Valencia Province

THREE people have been arrested over an alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Gandia. It's the third...