Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Castellon calling! Tourism chiefs want tourists from Sevilla to fly in and save the summer

A DELEGATION for Castellon airport is currently in Sevilla promoting the province as a top tourist destination this August. Air Nostrum is set to launch...

LONG HOT SUMMER: Weather experts in Spain’s Valencia region predict longer and warmer season this year

THIS summer will be long, hotter than usual and with at least 80 ‘tropical’ nights in the Valencia region. Experts at the Climatology Laboratory of...

“Yellow Submarine”: How Villarreal football club rose from humble beginnings to European triumph

Shannon Chaffers digs into the history of the football club from Castellon that swept to glory in blur of yellow last month to make European history.

Living in Spain but still have a UK based financial adviser?

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons), Managing Partner, Chorus Financial. Chorus Financial are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from those of you living in Spain...

SOGGY JUNE: Strong end-of-spring storms whip Castellon area of Spain

FIERCE – and somewhat unexpected – storms hit Castellon Province yesterday (Thursday June 18). The fire department was called out to rescue an elderly and...

TICK INVASION: Residents in town in Valencia region of Spain warned over insect plague

RESIDENTS in Castellon are being overrun by a nasty plague of ticks. While mosquitos - particularly the tiger variety - and cockroaches are the most...

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… International paella awards granted to restaurants in 10 countries

UP to 275 restaurants in 10 countries have been granted the coveted Wikipaella distinction. Known as the ‘paella Oscars’, Wikipaella is a non-profit organisation backed...

CHILD BEATERS ARRESTED: Couple from Spain’s Castellon detained for severely injuring newborn baby

A COUPLE from Torreblanca (Castellon) have been arrested on suspicion of inflicting severe brain injuries on their two-month-old baby after the child was admitted...

BREAKING: Appointments for second Astrazeneca COVID shot cancelled for residents aged 60 to 65 in Spain’s Valencia region

The Generalitat insists that no one will be left out or forgotten, and that the new appointments will follow very soon.

LIQUID GOLD: Fuel prices go through the roof in Spain’s Castellon

Even worse, experts warn that the upwards trend in prices has only just begun

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Spain’s Valencia region receives initial cash injection of €873 million from Next Generation EU

And this is just the beginning, as EU funding is due to continue arriving in the Valencia region over the next few weeks when projects are completed and approved by Brussels.

HERE WE GO: Regular flights between London and Spain’s Castellon resume after eight months

REGULAR flights have finally returned to Castellon airport eight months later. In what is being announced as a second ‘COVID summer’, the only international connection...

GET A JOB: Good news as Spain’s Castellon recovers pre-pandemic employment levels

EMPLOYMENT levels in Castellon Province have already returned to pre-pandemic levels. Social Security figures show that there are currently 212 workers paying into the system...

HEALTHCARE BOOST: Regional government in Spain’s Valencia triples investment into the public system

President Puig revealed that the funds will be shared out among the three provinces according to size and population, meaning Alicante will receive €244 million, Valencia €340 million, and Castellon €73 million.

EASY, TIGER: This summer’s tiger mosquito plague could be less severe than previous years in Spain’s Valencia

Homeowners are advised to empty out any containers that have filled with stagnant water, turning pots upside down when it rains and keeping a check on any pools or small ponds.

LAND, LAND EVERYWHERE: New report reveals enough space to build nearly 48,000 council homes in Spain’s Valencia region

THE Valencian Housing department is set to publish its first ever report into the availability of land to build protected and affordable housing throughout...

GIANT KILLERS! But just who are the Yellow Submarine, the team that conquered mighty Manchester Utd?

VILLAREAL's victory over the mighty Manchester United really is a David vs Goliath story. The Yellow Submarine, as Villareal are known, won the match...

THEY DID IT! Spain’s Villareal beat Manchester United in Europa League final to win first ever major title

Needless to say, celebrations in Castellon look set to continue throughout the rest of the week.

MOT FOR HOUSES: All buildings over 50 years old required to pass check-ups every 10 years in Spain’s Valencia...

Failure to do so can lead to fines of between €600 and €6,000.

VACCINE SUCCESS: COVID jabs reduce deaths by more than 90% in Spain’s Castellon Province

All nursing homes in the province were declared totally COVID-free in March

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Spain’s Valencian government relaunches green agenda now COVID is stabilised

THE Valencian regional government is hoping to relaunch its green agenda now that the COVID situation is stabilised. Valencia was one of the first areas...

DRUG DINGHY DISCOVERED: Boat used by hashish traffickers found abandoned on beach in Spain’s Oropesa del Mar

Judging by the size and power of the boat, the authorities believe it could have been carrying up to two tonnes of hashish.

FROM PITCH TO PLATE: Spain’s Villareal football club opens own restaurant in Ceramica stadium

THESE are great times to be a fan of Villareal football club. Not only has Castellon’s ‘Yellow Submarine’ fought its way through to its first...

FALLAS IN SEPTEMBER: Iconic Fallas festivities in Spain’s Valencia region will take place in September this year

As well as the actual monuments, the Fallas involve a huge number of activities and people, including flower offerings, extremely loud mascleta firecracker displays, parades, exhibitions and much more.

CAMPO CALLING: Small towns and rural villages throughout Spain launch drive to attract new residents and entrepreneurs

Budding entrepreneurs looking to relocate somewhere calmer, less crowded and healthier can apply through the website www.holapueblo.com until June 11.

EN VALENCIÀ, PER FAVOR: Irish linguist launches self-study course to help British and Spanish residents in the Valencia region...

THE situation will be familiar to the vast majority of expats who relocate to the Valencia region, especially in smaller, more ‘traditional’ towns. You make...





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