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Driver fined €80 for biting his nails at the wheel in Salamanca

A Spanish driver is hit with an unexpected €80 fine in Salamanca

Drivers in Andalucia more likely to be caught speeding than anywhere else in Spain

Central government raked in €130 million in radar gun fines in 2014 and Andalucian drivers contributed 20% of the pot

Women fined for ‘dirty protest’ in Gibraltar

A frustrated homeowner dumped raw sewage on the front desk at the housing department

VW Golf in Madrid is the ‘finest’ car in Spain with 266 fines worth €30,000

Spain’s outlaw vehicles racking up thousands in fines

Police arrest the Axarquia golden sprayer in Rincon de la Victoria

A 20-year-old from La Cala del Moral has been arrested and is suspected of giving several items of street furniture a golden makeover

Celebrity singer Isabel Pantoja to be sent to jail for money laundering

Pantoja helped former Marbella mayor Julian Munoz launder money acquired during his time as mayor

Former wife of ex-Marbella mayor begins jail sentence for money-laundering involvement

Maite Zaldivar behind bars for two-and-a-half years for helping Julian Munoz's scheme

UPDATE: Former Bankia chief axed from his role within the PP

Rodrigo Rato has been suspended from his role within the country's ruling party following expenses scandal allegations

Canary Islands cartoonists fined thousands for poking fun at ex-prosecutor’s illegal home

The illegally-placed and illegally-sized home is in Lanzarote

Magaluf nightclub closed following ‘mamading’ oral sex scandal

Carnage Magaluf bar crawl facing large fines

Spain’s Guardia Civil criticised by British motorist

British couple detained for three hours over trumped-up charges

Sixth of all electricity connections are fraudulent in Spain

Electricity fraud is on the rise in Spain because of the recession

Expat forced to stump up €1,000 in fines for sold car in Spain

Expats are forced to shell out in car tax and speeding fines over an unregistered vehicle

Telefonica fine upheld

A fine was lodged against Telefonica for abusing its dominant market position

Barcelona goes barking mad!

Man has been forced to pay a fine for a barking dog that he does not own

The wrong bed in Spain

Drunk Brit who smashed down door and fell asleep in the wrong hotel faces a 3,500 euro fine

Barcelona bans bikinis

New fines for those who venture too far from the beach in their swimming costumes

Driven to distraction in Spain

3,400 drivers fined in just one week in a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving

Keep your hair on!

Stage production of Hair in hot water after cast caught smoking on stage

There’s no smoke…

Bartie admires the smokers fighting a losing battle

Spain stands-up to Ryanair

Spain say no to budget airline's check-in 'fine'

U2 are too loud for Spain

U2 have been fined for practising too loudly during rehearsals

Sevilla’s 45 minute car rule

New fines target the time spent by drivers in the city centre