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King Felipe’s 100 days on the throne

Spain's royals have risen in popularity since King Felipe VI took to the throne in June

Loud and Clear

Columnist Giles Brown gets frenzied about football and the legacy of liberty

Thousands call for Spanish monarchy referendum in country-wide demonstrations

With King Juan Carlos abdicating, many see this as the right time to question the future of the monarchy in Spain

Former journalist and divorcee to be crowned Queen of Spain

Letizia Ortiz and husband Crown Prince Felipe will take over from abdicating King Juan Carlos

Death of former Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez sparks national mourning

Spain pays tribute to the former prime minister following his death this afternoon

Princess Cristina to testify in corruption case

She is not appealing against the decision to made last week

Princess Cristina charged with tax fraud

The ruling means the Princess could face trial

Judge calls for more witnesses in royal Noos scandal

Judge Jose Castro has called for 36 more witnesses to testify before him to find out more about the role of Princess Cristina

Princess Cristina’s involvement in royal fraud case questioned

King Juan Carlos' daughter could be named as suspect

King of Spain faces fresh embarrassment

King Carlos has been threatened with release of 200 emails by Inaki Urdangarin's former business partner Diego Torres

Hispanist updates Juan Carlos book to include recent controversies

Paul Preston's 10-year-old book now describes Spanish king's Botswana hunting trip and 'corrupt' son-in-law

€8 million bail for King Juan Carlos’ son-in-law

Inaki Urdangarin faces corruption charges with former business partner Diego Torres

Queen Sofia sues online dating site for mock-up ad campaign

The Queen of Spain to take legal action against US website Ashley Madison for ‘damage to her honour and dignity’

King Carlos’ secret trip

What the King's error means in light of the ongoing economic crisis

King Juan Carlos loses WWF role

Monarch's elephant hunting fiasco a step too far for conservation charity

Spain’s King Juan Carlos visits fishermen involved in Gibraltar dispute

The monarch told representatives 'he wanted to hear them in person' during Algeciras trip

The Real Royals

Following a massive own goal – being caught hunting elephants on a luxury break in Africa – it has become open season on Spain's once untouchable royals, including claims that Spain's 'real' queen is actually a 46-year-old German. By Wendy Williams

Endangered Species by Stuart Morle

DUBLIN-BASED artist Stuart Morle has been inspired by King Juan Carlos' elephant-hunting trip to Botswana, producing this portrait of the Spanish King.

King Juan Carlos: I am sorry

The monarch makes an unprecedented public apology for his elephant-hunting trip to Botswana

King Juan Carlos under fire after Botswana hunting trip

King Juan Carlos urged to stand down from WWF role after being caught hunting elephants in Botswana

Inaki Urdangarin in the dock

The King's son-in-law will appear at Palma Court in Mallorca

King of Spain ordered son-in-law to leave his job

Claims come as authorities continue investigation into activities of not-for-profit company run by Inaki Urdangarin

Black day for the Spanish monarchy

King Juan Carlos I got an unfortunate black eye after walking into a door

Dating agency Ashley Madison facing Spanish lawsuit

A controversial advert showing Prince Charles and King Juan Carlos – and encouraging people to have affairs - could land US dating agency with huge lawsuit

Spain’s most wanted terror suspect lived in Cambridge

Eta terror group suspect was respected member of local squash club

Best budget royals

The King has been voted ‘Greatest Spaniard of all time’ while his son is married to the divorced daughter of a nurse. With new austerity measures firmly in place, Wendy Williams investigates why Spain’s monarchy are now definitively Europe’s best budget royals





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