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OLIVE PRESS OPINION: It should be a basic no-brainer to run reliable buses up and down the coast

IT simply beggars belief the state of public transport along the Costa del Sol. Buses that don’t run on time, drivers who don’t wait at...

Spain’s Cabinet to do away with coronavirus masks on public transport on February 7

THE SPANISH government announced today that face masks will no longer be obligatory on public transport some time from February 7 onward. The Cabinet...

‘Disgusting, frustrating, nightmare, shambles:’ Residents in Spain’s Costa del Sol vent their feelings at the region’s public transport

Costa del Sol residents are reaching the end of their tether with the disgraceful state of public transport in the region. With buses running roughly...

Barcelona bus company opens probe after driver verbally abuses man in wheelchair

AN INTERNAL investigation has been opened after a Barcelona bus driver was caught on camera directing an expletive-filled rant toward a man in a...

Spain’s Andalucia against removal of masks on public transport and inside health care centres

ANDALUCIAN health experts firmly support maintaining mandatory use of face masks on public transport and inside health care centres, health councilor says. Following a Governing...

Reduced EMT bus passes in Spain’s Malaga come into force this Thursday

FROM September 1 and, in principle, until the end of the year, travelling on Malaga buses will cost between 35% and 40% less with...

‘Purple Points’ reach public transport in Spain

SPANISH train stations, airports and ports will soon have purple points to ensure that they are safe spaces for women. The ‘Puntos Violeta’ will seek...

European Union abolishes compulsory Covid-19 mask-wearing on planes BUT countries like Spain have ‘wiggle-room’ to continue

TWO European Union agencies have announced that mandatory mask wearing on planes and at airports will end on May 16. The EU Aviation Safety Agency...

Spain’s Cabinet approves end of indoor mask wearing this Wednesday but with key exceptions

INDOOR mask wearing will end in Spain this Wednesday but with some key exceptions. The decision, which had been announced earlier this month, was formally...

LIKE SARDINES: Consumers’ organisation slams COVID safety measures on public transport in Spain’s Valencia

As a result of this general perception, the use of buses, tubes, trams and suburban rail services in Valencia has dropped by 29% since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak last year.

Use of cars in Madrid rises, while use of public transport declines

THE use of cars in Madrid has risen in recent years, whereas the use of public transport has declined.

Buses in Mallorca must now have WiFi to boost connectivity

NEW buses in Palma must now have WiFi on-board and access to a USB for charging mobiles in an attempt to increase business productivity on...





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