Thursday, October 18, 2018

Arrests after nurse is stabbed

Two men have been arrested for the murder in Chiclana

Spanish bird brains

Six rare ibises are released in Cadiz

El Palmar developer scandal

Spanish developers in charge of controversial beach development charged with bribery

Judge ruling threatens Andalucia’s coastline

Spain's coast in danger of more development after court decision

Big boon for Romantic writer in Andalucia

Aspiring Jerez author scoops coveted award, day before her due date

Beach bums

Nudists can now legally bare all on Tarifa's beaches

Caught with his pants down

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE by Jon Clarke: Ancient-monument defacing vandal gets humiliating comeuppance

Save our beach

El Palmar beach under threat by plans to build a massive hotel complex

Successful failure for Spain tourist scheme

Duff tourist scheme set to be expanded across Spain

Spain’s shrinking cities

Fears grow as two of Andalucia's biggest cities shrink in size

Tourist hopes for Jerez

New plans unveiled to boost sector

Beach rescue

The Spanish government has stepped in to help out battered beaches

Noisy neighbour kicked out

A man has been ordered to leave his house for being too loud

Rain in Spain is a pain for bullfighting fans

Two months or rain is affecting the livelihoods of Andalucia's bull rearers

Jerez shuts down

Storm causes city to become isolated as transport comes to a standstill

We don’t want English tourists

EXCLUSIVE Tourist boss launches scathing attack against downmarket, drink-fuelled English tourism

Harman calls for women’s agency at EU summit

British MP in Cadiz says more work needs to be done to uphold women’s rights

Was Atlantis in Andalucia?

Latest archaeological breakthrough indicates Andalucia may have once been home to the mythical civilisation

Back to the days of Anarchy

Rare photos published in fascinating new book

Spain rain frustrates Schumacher

Extreme Andalucia weather now thwarts former champion

Further flooding as Spanish rainfall reaches record books

Record rainfall in Andalucia leaves reservoirs up 20 per cent on last year. Here, heavy rain in Jerez caused the River Guadalete to flood thousands of homes

Record rainfall sees worst floods since 1940s

Some of heaviest rain on record leads to flood chaos in Andalucia. Here, a submerged house in Jimera de Libar, near Ronda. Picture Karl Smallman.

A festive miracle in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: British family reveal they are ‘lucky to be alive’ after spending night on motorway hard shoulder in sub-zero temperatures

Facebook protest fights to save virgin Spanish beach

Demonstration called to save El Palmar beach from mass development

Spanish wrecking ball swings in again

No Christmas cheer for ten householders whose 'illegal' houses are being demolished this weekend in Chiclana. Standoff as hundreds of protesters confront police

Fishermen unite to protect tradition

Ancient technique endangered by new fishing quotas


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