Monday, 25 September, 2017

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The video shows the migrants disembarking on the shore by the small settlement of Benzu

The boy looked disheveled as he was pulled from the coach

Six others were also transferred to the Hospital Comarcal de Velez-Malaga, where two were treated for hypothermia and four for abrasive wounds

Some 50 people were also arrested in France, Belgium, Ukraine and Poland, including several alleged gang leaders

The centres were described as ‘places representing the most flagrant infringement of human rights’.

Helen Mukoro is hoping her newly-formed party Union de Todos can upset the odds come election time in December

Spain has rejected the plan to share the migrant burden

The report goes on to criticise the PP for attempting to legalise summary deportations at the border

The 23-year-old was carried, apparently unconscious, back to Morocco

Human Rights Watch insist Spain has done nothing to help the families of the dead

Security forces used helicopters to repel the attempt

The man was one of 100 migrants to rush the six-metre-high fence

Emergency services have picked up nearly 1,000 migrants in dozens of boats and rafts

War and poverty drive people from Africa towards the freedom of European soil. Imogen Calderwood went to Ceuta and Morocco to see the reality

Melilla and Ceuta have seen mass migration attempts from Morocco in recent weeks


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