Monday, 11 December, 2017

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Catalan leader urged not to split from Spain as fears grow over economy

Monarch accuses Carles Puigdemont and independence groups of 'undermining society'

FOUR individuals, including an elderly woman, have sustained minor injuries after an unknown assailant shot at them with an air gun.   The group were holding a sit-in in the Puig-Agut school in the Catalan...

THE Catalonian police – the Mossos d'Esquadra - has been instructed by Spain’s Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña (TSJC) to prevent Sunday’s referendum from taking place. The prosecutor demanded that both Catalan AND Spanish police...

Farmers have descended on Barcelona in their tractors to park them in front of polling stations ahead of Sunday's vote.

CATALEXIT, as it has been dubbed, is a big deal all round. As the country’s most prosperous region, Catalonia is a treasury for 19% of the national economy, and a leader in tourism, exports, manufacturing...

Barcelona's Mayor Ada Colau has called on the European Union to intervene in Catalunya's referendum and blames Rajoy's government for worsening the situation.

Cruise ships hired to house police reinforcements heading to Barcelona

SADIQ Khan has called for a second referendum on the UK's membership to the European Union. The London mayor has unravelled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's bid for party unity on Brexit after revealing he will...

Spanish PM flies to the US for a working lunch with President Trump to discuss the upcoming referendum in Catalunya, the EU and NATO.

We’re all well aware of the impact the Brexit vote had on the economies of the UK and EU states. Immediate chaos ensued, due to the uncertainty of how exactly the UK would leave...

PARAMILITARY police have raided the HQ of the Catalan government in a bid to shutdown the planned independence referendum.  The offensive, performed by Policia Nacional this morning, is the latest attempt to undermine the region's...

Nadal issued a stern warning to Catalonia as the tennis legend attacked plans to hold a banned referendum on Catalan independence from Spain.

It's a year since the historic vote

The Chief Minister admitted he was not 'a big fan' of the idea, but it could be a viable option 'in the future

There will doubtless be people who are thinking that their entitlement to these benefits may cease

It is 40 years since Suarez's introduction of the civil war 'pact of forgetting' and Spain's first democratic elections

Six months on since the Brexit referendum and Charles Gomez looks at the psychological impact of the decision of a generation

UK residents considering a move

On 23 June you and I, your European friend, will decide our future, and we can either carry on complaining and distrusting, or we can hold onto this Union and carry on furthering prosperity

It comes as some British buyers put purchases on hold due to the forthcoming EU referendum on June 23

With the EU referendum on Brexit just six weeks away, financial advisors have warned of an ‘economic collapse’

The clock is ticking as the Brexit referendum draws closer. With May 16 the cut-off for expats to register, Rob Horgan explores why it’s important to have your say

'We can give people here absolutely no assurance about what will happen should the British people choose to leave the EU'

If Britain does indeed vote to leave the EU and go it alone, most analysts agree that the Pound is likely to suffer

Tension builds as polling day looms




MALLORCAN restaurants have held on to their ten Michelin stars. Chef Fernando Pérez Arellano's Zaranda in Es Capdellá continues to be the island’s only two...
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