National News

Spanish war hero dies

One of Britain’s key heroes from the Spanish Civil War has died at the age of 96. Jack Jones fought in a number of key battles against Franco’s fascist forces

If you are fat, don’t fly Ryanair

Not one to miss out on a big opportunity, Ryanair is thinking of charging obese passengers more to use their flights

Smile, or lose our tourists

Grumpy, long faced Spaniards are being taught to be polite

Spanish like a drink

Spain is the second highest consumer of bottled water in the world and fifth for booze

AVE tunnel protest

600 demonstrators blocked the track in a protest against the route of the AVE high speed rail line

It’s Letizia by a head and tiara

Model Carla Bruni and Spain’s Princess Letizia made the steps leading up to Zarzuela Palace in Madrid resemble a catwalk this week

Swine flu hits Spain

Spain has registered Europe’s first confirmed case of swine flu

Don’t miss your vote

Make sure you are on the list to vote in the forthcoming European Parliament elections on June 7

Nazi victims get their day in court

Two Mauthausen survivors are the first Spanish nationals to give evidence in a trial of Nazi SS officers

Robotic fish to detect pollution

Robotic fish are to be released into the sea for the first time to detect pollution

Condoms sent to Africa

Spain has pledged 120,000 euros in prophylactics to help fight the continent’s AIDS epidemic

Spain second for wine

Spain overtook France as the world’s second largest exporter of wine in terms of volume behind Italy last year

Green groups unite against Zapatero

Spain's biggest charities have declared war over the Government’s ‘failing’ environmental policy


Of all people Ferran Adria tells fellow Spanish chefs to get back to basics

A European size slap on the wrist

EU punishes Spain for its continuing environmental abuse and for its flaunting of the rights of innocent buyers

You must be Jocking

Spanish historian claims Columbus was Scottish

Mirrors to reflect global warming

A team of scientists have claimed they can stop global warming by blasting trillions of giant mirrors into space.

EU battles Spain over pensioners

Brussels is threatening to take Spain to the European Court if it doesn’t give foreign pensioners better healthcare.

Madame Tussaud meet Señor Picasso

The artist Alex Carlisle, 23, was asked to have an attempt at a likeness of Picasso during his job as a junior sculptor at the famous waxwork museum in London.

Petition attacks low UK pension

A Petition is hoping to force the British government to stop paying its pensioners the lowest amount in Europe

More E Vicar?

A catholic priest has gone on trial for smuggling drugs into Barcelona’s Modelo jail

Save our wolves!

Green groups join forces to demand an end to “Dark Ages” lupine cull

Bucardo bites back

Rare mountain goat could make a comeback after an extinct animal is cloned for the first time

Spain wakes up from its archetypal slumber

Survey shows that only 40 per cent of Spaniards are still taking a siesta

Teacher sacked for ‘living in sin’ wins appeal

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a religious studies teacher who was fired from a Church-run school for living with a man to whom she was not married.

Spain comes out in defence of land grab laws

MEPs slam 'Robert Mugabe school of land re-distribution' in Valencia. Spanish MEPs have hit back at threats to withdraw EU funding if the nation continues to abuse property rights.