Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Judgement day for Iznajar

With doctors, teachers and even High Court judges buying here, Iznajar is fast becoming THE town for the discerning foreign buyer

Nightmare in the sun as home dreams fall apart

Following news of the EU resolution into “rampant construction” in Spain, Jon Robins of the Observer takes a look at the situation in Albox – one of the towns in the spotlight of MEPs in Brussels

Electric olives

Claire Doole visits a Córdoba olive farmer and finds he is doing his bit to combat global warming

“Southern Europe sees the Green Party as a curb on development”

Leader of Andalucía Greens steps down after poor municipal election showing

Webster’s Spanish Histories

The Olive Press sent Daniel Mac Auley to the mountains of Castellon to talk to author Jason Webster, who claims many countries can learn...

From Roman ruins to racing yachts

Built of ancient stone and soaring steel, Valencia combines mediaeval mystery with a cosmopolitan edge, says Arpi Shively STEERING your car through Valencia’s evening commute...

A roving eye

Documentary photographer Jaine Laine is focusing on Spain's past to create a legacy for the future. JAINE LAINE flings her trademark giant handbag on a...

It’s a stick up!

Viagra gang feels the long arm of the law

Papaver – the heroic weed

Bob Maddox admits to his addiction as the south of Spain bursts into a riot of red and green

Lamb eternally shall be devoured

IN Spain, we have all become accustomed to eating pork. It always was a big favourite of mine, but it is starting to take...

Isabel Pantoja: gypsy, widow, queen (and criminal?)

As Isabel Pantoja - corruption suspect number 99 on the Operation Malaya list - returns to the stage while on bail, Lisa Tilley charts...

Room with a view – Murcia

The Olive Press sends Vernon Grant to stylish Murcia where he finds a city bucking recent trends across Spain

Spring in your step with a fragrant trip to Córdoba, Spain

Nola Lyttle spends a blooming lovely time touring the flower-filled patios of the city’s Jewish quarter THIS May will be like any other in Córdoba....

Bonsai bonanza in party hardly Priego

The Olive Press goes all Baroque and heads to Priego de Córdoba, a peaceful town - even during feria time NOT much remains of its...

Spain’s Black Gold

Deep in Andalucian olive country, expert olive oil producers perform their age-old alchemy, turning black fruit into gold. by Arpi ShivelyTHE charmed life of a...

Alien Nation

They came by night. They came by day. Silently slipping over borders, stealthily avoiding detection. Some came by boat, others by plane. Only a few people knew about them. Still less cared.

Queridos europeos…

ON the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Argentine academic Fernando A Iglesias sends an open letter to the citizens of Europe, expressing...

Opinion – Lunatics and the Lunar eclipse

Speed demons If there’s one thing that most foreigners – whether resident or visiting – agree upon, it’s that the Spanish drive too fast. It...

Danger! Caterpillars crossing

If you go down to the woods today you might just be in for a big surprise – especially if you have a dog

Inmaculada dies after artificial respirator is turned off

Death ignites euthanasia debate in Spain

Spain councillor charged with bribery and fraud

Judges release Alhendín town planning boss on bail

Brits warned after Olive Press story

BRITISH taxpayers living in Spain have been warned to watch their backs, after the Olive Press exclusively reported that a fatcat businessman Mark Langford...

Police to interview King over Motril girl

Letter to former lover claims the murderer “has to pay Graham for what he has done to the Motril girl”

Court investigates legality of golf course

Public prosecutor warns Otura council and developers could face criminal charges

Suspected rapist held in Órgiva

Belgian man suspected of rape in his country arrested in Órgiva

Ribera del Duero winemakers face Madrid “vine grab”

Major producers appeal to Brussels to stop “vital” road construction





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