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On track

A 950,000 euro contract to draw up construction plans for the first stretch of the controversial high-speed train testing track in Antequera has been...

Pilgrim train tilts towards France

Spain now expected to lose out in AVE mega deal for Saudi Arabia

End of the line for high speed Toledo – Albacete ‘ghost train’

Route carrying just nine passengers cost 18,000 euros a day to operate

High speed to austerity in Portugal

Portugal cuts plan for AVE fast-track railway and health spending in bailout agreement

You WILL take the train to Spain

Sun-seekers could be forced to take trains from UK to Spain to reduce carbon emissions

Spanish airports traffic 10 per cent up for Easter

An estimated 8.5 million passengers will pass through Spanish airports this week while 14 million cars will be on the roads

Antequera high speed train testing track gets green light

World’s longest train testing track gets approval despite mounting opposition

High speed train testing track goes off the rails

Mass opposition to ‘destructive’ scheme to bring world’s biggest train testing track to Antequera

Eastern promises

Plans for the Almeria-Murcia AVE train speed ahead

Spain’s trains speed ahead

Spain has developed Europe's largest high-speed rail network

Andalucía to London in ten hours – by train

Taking a fast train from the Costa del Sol to London will cut out the ‘airport hassle factor’, not to mention 90 per cent of your CO2 emissions, writes Sara Wallace

High-speed train disaster in Barcelona

Train tragedy leaves 12 Spanish youngsters dead and another 14 injured

We should AVE it first

Marbella and Ronda square up over who should get the AVE high-speed train link first

We should AVE it first

Marbella and Ronda square up over who should get the AVE high-speed train link first

AVE stop in Antequera

Stop for Antequera on the Malaga-Sevilla high-speed line

The 13.22 from Madrid has just overtaken the plane!

For the first time, more passengers are taking the train between Madrid and Barcelona - the world's fifth busiest airline route

Full Speed Ahead

AVE line underway between Algeciras and Antequera via Ronda

AVE Maria for Sagrada Familia

Engineers check whether new AVE tunnels could endanger cathedral