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CASTAWAY COOKING: This chicken, ham and bean stew is an homage to the Sierra Nevada mountains, writes British chef...

In our present situation there can't be many people who haven't got a jar of beans somewhere in their kitchen

Spain’s PSOE party accuses VOX of ‘hate crimes’ for spreading false COVID-19 information

The complaint stems from a series of tweets from Vox back on January 18 and again between April 2 and 7 aimed at the PSOE

Man arrested in Spain’s Mallorca for pretending to be army sergeant and making COVID-19 checks on general public

Dressed head-to-toe in military uniform, the man had stopped several people to ask why they were outside

Truth is often said to be the first victim of wars and crises. The Olive Press subscription scheme helps...

Fake news is rife during the COVID-19 crisis, as we have discovered ourselves over the last fortnight

The Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola explains mortgage holiday rules as the Spanish property sector battles on through COVID-19

On March 17 the Government announced by Royal Decree a ‘moratorium’ or ‘mortgage holiday’ for residents struggling with payments

Giles Brown has had enough of the virtual breathing workshops and online psychobabble of Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

What could be more inspiring than the sight of a 50-something male in a hooded dressing gown muttering obscure rock lyrics to himself

WATCH: Police seize HUGE drugs haul at warehouse used as one-stop shop during COVID-19 lockdown in Spain’s Mallorca

Covert surveillance revealed that the warehouse was being used to sell drugs to customers during the nationwide lockdown

OPINION: Lawyer’s complaint to Brussels over Spain’s COVID-19 stance reflects wearying public

After more than four weeks of confinement, millions of us across Spain are already feeling the bite

Husband and wife arrested for breaching Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown after being caught skinny-dipping by off-duty policeman in Mallorca

Upon arrival, officers ordered the husband and wife, both reported to be in their 50s, to get out of the water and put their clothes on

COVID-19: Lack of migrant workers puts Spain’s supermarket fresh food stocks in jeopardy

This year, due to coronavirus and the closure of national borders, the agricultural industry has lost an estimated 75,000 workers

Doctors warn of dangers of mixing cleaning products after emergency calls spike during Spain’s COVID-19 crisis

In most cases, the mixture of bleach and another chemical produces a gas called Chloramine (NH2Cl) which is highly toxic, and when in contact with mucus, transforms into hydrochloric acid

COVID-19: Government steps in to stop private clinics hiking up coronavirus testing costs

THE Government has revealed measures to ensure the nation's private testing clinics are not hiking prices, putting the most vulnerable in danger. In a press...

EASTER DISPATCH: On the most unusual Semana Santa in Andalucian history the sound of Spain’s distant drums is swapped...

It was approaching dusk and you could hear a pin drop in a place where normally you would hear the sound of faraway trumpets and banter

CASTAWAY COOKING: A steaming bowl of fideua is your perfect Sunday comfort food, writes British chef stranded in Spain...

A simple one-pot stew, fideua can most easily be described as short strands of spaghetti cooked in stock in a similar manner to that of a paella

COVID-19: Stay limber during Spain’s lockdown with our 20-minute, high intensity, equipment-free workout you can do at home

A good HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout gets the heart race pulsing and is great for circulation, breathing capacity and overall health

BEA’S HELPLINE: She reveals her top five tips for expats under COVID-19 lockdown in Spain after being inundated with...

After studying the government’s royal decrees, she reveals her top five tips, from walking the dog to going shopping

‘Real estate’ in Spain will live up to its name and hold firm during the COVID-19 crisis, predicts agent...

Once life returns to normal, the country will remain a great place to live and spend time for those lucky enough to own property here

From gym bunnies to families, these SIX online workouts will help keep everyone in shape during Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

If social media is anything to go by, we are all drinking and snacking way more than usual

New Olive Press blogger Terenia Taras and her partner made their dream move to Spain’s Mallorca, but COVID-19 left...

No one anticipated how quickly it would spread and how far-reaching it would be

NO NEW COVID-19 deaths in Balearic Islands as Ibiza clinic becomes first in Spain to use pioneering ozone therapy

According to health officials, more than half of those infected with COVID-19 have won the battle against the virus

COVID-19 GUIDE: What self-employed expats in Spain’s different regions need to know about being autonomo during coronavirus crisis

Spain’s 3.2 million self-employed workers still had to pay their €283 social security contributions at the beginning of April

COVID-19: Businessman arrested for ‘stealing two million face masks’ from warehouse of bankrupt firm in Spain

The Spanish suspect flogged the masks in Portugal, as well as gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE), police said

COVID-19: Crisis-hit tourism businesses in Spain’s Mallorca to delay opening until 2021 as hoteliers demand tax offsets

The island's tourism sector is undergoing an immediate crisis with countless companies considering reopening in Easter 2021





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