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The cheeky made-in-Manilva ales making an entree onto fine dining tables

The cheeky made-in-Manilva ales making an entree onto fine dining tables

El Bulli restaurant owner creates Spanish culinary encyclopedia

The 35-volume collection, Bullipedia, will comprise of nine separate books on drinks alone

Wine Time: Three must-have flavours for Spring

Olive Press wine expert Aleesha Hansel rounds up the delicious whites you should be sipping this spring

Michelin star chef defends high price of food at his restaurant in Spain

Albert Adria says €220 is a good price for a meal at his famous restaurant Enigma in Barcelona

Tennis pro and Marbella expat Pancho Campo finally vindicated after 13 YEARS of Dubai arrest warrant

It's 13 years since Marbella expat Pancho Campo became a wanted man. Now in the clear after an Interpol ‘Red Notice’ was finally lifted, the former tennis pro and Master of Wine tells the Olive Press about his plans for vindication.

MELTING POT: Olive Press editor Jon Clarke is blown away by the incredible mix of restaurants in Santa Catalina

WHILE San Sebastian might have the most Michelin stars - and probably the best tapas - Santa Catalina has the biggest variety of restaurants...

Spanish are eating out more – and particularly at more foreign restaurants, particularly Italian

THE locals are eating out more, spending more and, best of all, widening their palate. In good news for expat restaurateurs, the average Spaniard ate...

BIKING IN: Harry Bikers to show off Balearic cuisine in ‘Mediterranean Adventure’

THE Hairy Bikers are to share the culinary delights of the Balearic Islands in their new BBC2 series starting last Thursday. The celebrated pair, Dave...

Delivery company adds service charge after card surcharges banned in EU

A TAKEAWAY delivery company has imposed a new service charge, following a ban on card transaction fees. On Monday Just Eat added a new 50p charge...

New focus on food exports as Spanish population reducing

SPAIN’S food industry is ramping up exports in a bid to counter the country’s shrinking population. Since 2012, the number of citizens has been...

The people of Malaga show that they have true Christmas spirit

THE people of Malaga have shown what Christmas is all about by donating their food. Over 600 tonnes of food was collected over a two-day...

Our tips for top tipples to pair with your Christmas feast

CHRISTMAS and celebrations go hand in hand so what better way to get the party started than with bubbles! Made by the same ‘traditional...

Malaga bakers create ‘Christmas flavoured’ turron

MALAGA bakers have created goat cheese, wine and pecan-flavoured turrons just in time for the Christmas season. Damian Ramos and Seabstian Guerrero from the...

British expats claim Andalucia food bank workers raid supplies before locals arrive

BRITISH expats have blasted workers at a food bank for allegedly raiding the much-needed supplies before desperate locals arrive. According to Joe Clark, 62,...

Potatoes brought peace to Spain

POTATOES brought back to Europe by the Spanish reduced civil conflict for almost 200 years. Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that...

How to Improve Your Eyesight in 6 Bites

From physical injury to a gradual deterioration of the retina, there are numerous causes of eyesight loss. People aged 55 and above are the...

Why you should NEVER eat food if a fly has landed on it

FLIES have been outed as the dirty bombers of the insect world, carrying more harmful bacteria than previously thought. Scientis at Penn State Eberly...

Gillian Keller deciphers the mysteries of food labelling in Spain

Be wary of misleading packaging on food in supermarkets

Mallorca diner stunned after finding three-cm-long wire in his meal

Restaurant-goer forced to go to hospital after feeling pain in his throat

Culinary spotlight on Casares thanks to Spanish TV show

Casares is being touted as a culinary hub thanks to a Spanish TV programme

Trump settles lawsuit against Spanish chef who refused to open restaurant over President’s comments on Mexicans

Celebrity chef Jose Andres decided not to open a restaurant in Trump's new International Hotel in Washington DC due to the president's comments on Mexicans

Spain urged to improve treatment of farmed rabbits

The EU parliament is asking Spain to introduce legislation that will end ‘cruel’ practices inflicted on rabbits

Green gold: Discovering the origins of avocados

The Costa Tropical gets 90% of its 'green gold' from Andalucia, and Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to try it

€690 spent on Spanish frozen vegetables last year

Frozen vegetable production in Spain has grown by 50%

China second biggest importer of Malaga produce

Food and drink exports to the country more than doubled in the first 10 months of 2016 compared to the previous year, according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Commerce and Industry