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Health bonus

A 3.4 million euro health centre has been inaugurated in Archidona.

Knock that cold into touch in Spain

Continuing our series on the herbs of Andalucia, Sue Rodgers looks at herbal antibiotics

Don’t let a break ruin your European break

With expats in Spain heading off for their winter hols, Wendy Williams looks at the issue of travel insurance

Two rashers equals diabetes Type 2?

‘Making a meal of it’ really can hinder health

Goat’s milk good for you

Goat's milk is as good as mamma’s milk, claim Spanish researchers

Love your love handles

With the holiday season just around the corner you should be proud to show off your spare tyre

An unfair welfare state in Spain

Expats contribute more to the welfare state in Spain than they get back

My hospital horror in Spain

Pensioner left in agony for days with a broken wrist, described by doctors as the ‘worst they had ever seen

People who study are healthier

Get an ‘ology’ to live longer according to a new study

Spanish women are having fewer children

85 per cent do not want a third child because of the difficulties of balancing work and family responsibilities

Free healthcare in Europe

Patients will be able to seek medical care throughout the continent

Top medics claim sun is good for you

Expats who have migrated to warmer climes are likely to have better health

Don’t go health nuts!

Research claims nuts and seeds will make you put on weight

A step towards the Holocaust!

Reporting on smokers in new smoking ban is akin to collaborating with the Nazis, claims politician

Measles outbreak rocks Andalucia

Some two dozen people – the majority children - have contracted the potentially-lethal disease measles

Legionnaires outbreak

With four dead and 40 other cases, health authorities in Madrid are trying to find the source of the latest Legionnaires disease outbreak

Going nuts for walnuts

As the walnut harvest is in full force, new research finds that walnuts are great for our health

Obesity: Public enemy number one

Battle against obesity goes belly up as Spanish children are third most overweight in world

Tanning: The bare essentials

Scientists have discovered why your inside arm and bottom just do not tan, while parasols may not be giving you the protection you expect

Waking the dead

They are taken in Taiwan, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bangladesh, and, according to NASA, invigorate the body and soul. The word comes from the Latin for ‘sixth hour,’ and is intended to occur roughly six hours after one wakes up... But why is the siesta culture dying out in Spain? Sara Wallace finds out

You’ve lost that holiday feeling

Benefits of a holiday wear off sooner than you think

How the stars keep a bikini body

Does the Blood Group Diet really work?

Skin cancer breakthrough

New master cells discovered in the fight against skin cancer

Less waiting around

Healthy news for Spain’s hospitals as waiting lists fall

Spain says adios to the Med diet

Study casts doubt on life-preserving Spanish diet





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