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Britons arrested for indecency on flight to Spain

The teenagers could face up to a year behind bars for exposing themselves in front of children

Briton falls to death on first night of Spanish holiday

Michael White, 27, leant out of his hotel window in Ibiza to be sick

Guettas renew wedding vows in Ibiza

International DJ chooses Spain to take wife Cathy down the aisle once more

Detective praises reporting of ‘Maddie’ sighting in Ibiza

Several national newspapers, including Bild in Germany, the Mirror in the UK and Diario de Noticias in Portugal follewed up an Olive Press exclusive on the latest possible sighting

Two dozen Britons arrested in Ibiza drug raid

Authorities seized nearly 23,000 doses of party drug ecstasy along with sizeable quantities of cocaine, ketamine and crystal meth, €100,000 in cash and stolen goods, and several guns

Was Madeleine McCann in Ibiza?

Man believes he saw the missing girl on a flight to Germany

‘The Body’ in Ibiza

Elle Macpherson flaunts her incredible figure on a Spanish holiday

Football star Mario Balotelli’s night out in Spain

The Italian striker 'spent thousands' at Linekar's Bar in Ibiza

One bikini for Naomi Campbell in Spain

Supermodel under fire for sporting same bikini for a week during Spanish holiday

Finding ‘Mr Wrong’ from Spain

After public 'Find Martin' appeal, London PR girl finds her Spanish beau is 'already taken'

No more health card fraud in the Balearics

Up to eight million euros is lost each year through fraudulent EHIC claims

Ibiza raids

Ten people have been arrested in Ibiza as part of an operation against British drug dealers that included the seizure of five kilos of...

Saudi prince hits back at Spanish rape claims

Provided documents claiming to show 'clear and unmistakable proof' that he was not in Spain at the time of the alleged attack

New Spanish rape claim embroils super-rich Saudi prince

One of the world's richest men is alleged to have raped a woman on yacht in Ibiza

Ronaldo still has appetite for the game

Brazilian star hangs out in Ibiza

Ibiza plane bursts into flames above holiday island

Jet2 Boeing is forced to make emergency landing in Mallorca

The wrong bed in Spain

Drunk Brit who smashed down door and fell asleep in the wrong hotel faces a 3,500 euro fine

David Cameron’s return to Spain

British prime minister David Cameron has made it a trio of visits to the country in under two years

Paris Hilton kicks off the race

California socialite launches her new racing team in Madrid

Sick as a parrot as ‘Sick Mick’ gets off

Ecstasy pills were in fact caffeine

Happy Blunt

The colourful lifestyle of Ibiza has lead to a more upbeat album for James Blunt

British drug gang – including a pensioner and four women – busted in Spain

The gang, who were aged from 22 to 78 and came from Liverpool, are accused of ecstacy and cannabis smuggling

Bugger Benidorm (and Bognor)

According to a new poll British holidaymakers wouldn't go to Benidorm even if you paid them

Crack down on ‘balconing’

Shock tactics to be employed to cut down on balcony-jumping craze

Britons arrested in Ibiza drugs raid

More than 20 people – most of them British – have been arrested following a large scale drugs raid

Leap of madness

Four lives wasted as lethal balcony-jumping craze - known as 'balconing' - takes hold





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