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British holidaymakers warned of dangerous ‘crush’ this summer as tourists avoid terror hotspots for Spain

Environmentalists have warned that Spanish cities could become severely overcrowded

Gibraltar spies smash ISIS terror cell for second time in a fortnight

The group was using internet chat rooms and messaging apps to recruit Islamic radicals

ISIS suspects detained in Algeciras while boarding ferry to Morocco

A COUPLE suspected of being Islamic State sympathisers have been arrested in Algeciras. A Moroccan man and a Spanish woman along with their young son...

ISIS and Boko Haram plotting massacres on the Costa del Sol as suspect in Majorca arrested

The news comes as a man is arrested in Majorca on suspicion of commissioning the attacks

Lethal weapons uncovevered in Ceuta hideout may be linked to ISIS

Stash of lethal weapons include submachine guns and knives

Spanish airport security raised following ISIS terrorist attack in Brussels

Airport security to be boosted after attacks on Brussels metro and airport

Spain stays at Level 4 alert after Brussels airport and metro terrorist attacks

Thirteen reported killed and many more injured in Belgium 'ISIS' attacks

ISIS terror threat revealed for Costa del Sol and Spain tourists

Experts issue warning for Paris-style attack in Spain

More than 20,000 ISIS military uniforms found by Spanish police in ports

Seven arrested following terrorist haul in Algeciras and Valencia

Seven ISIS terrorist suspects arrested by Spanish authorities

Group accused of smuggling arms disguised as humanitarian shipments

Olive Press blogger meets Syrian refugees in Jerez

Luke Andrews says we should do be doing more to help them

Mariano Rajoy seeks consensus from Spanish leaders over terrorism response

Spanish prime minister seeks unified response over conflict in Syria

Spanish authorities on the alert for suspected Paris ISIS terrorist

Manhunt for Islamist suspect Salah Abdeslam continues after death of at least 130 people in Paris massacre

Three men suspected of links to ISIS held in Madrid police swoop

Moroccan trio detained after police intercept phone and email messages

‘Refugee crisis has increased terror threat to Spain’, says interior minister

Diaz has called for tighter controls to prevent ISIS members infiltrating the ‘avalanche’ of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria

Female ISIS terrorist recruiting suspect arrested near Valencia

Police operation leads to arrest of Moroccan woman

14 ISIS recruiters arrested in Spain and Morocco

Raids took place on properties in the San Martin de la Vega district of Madrid and in the Moroccan cities of Fez, Casablanca, Nador, al-Hoceima and Driouech

Fourteen Spanish families have joined ISIS’ ranks

Their members are among the 115 Spanish citizens and residents recruited as jihadists

UPDATE: Google Maps removes ‘Taifa’ from Algeciras but two more appear

Google is looking into how Niebla and Albarracin became Taifas

Jihadi terrorists threaten Spain’s King Felipe and two daughters

Threatening note uncovered in police raids

Spanish journalist survives Jihadi John

Spanish former Isis hostage attests to the ´psychopathic character´of the British-born killer Jihadi John

Police seizes jihadi cell in raids across Spain

Barcelona, Girona, Avila and Ciudad Real have all been harbouring alleged Islamic militants

Police arrest two Spain-bound jihadists in Ceuta

The latest arrests are believed to have been connected to the terror cell broken up in January

‘Pro-EU’ apocalyptic film closes Gibraltar off from Europe and shows ISIS landing in Spain

Dystopian TV film plays on the fragility of Spain’s relationship with Gibraltar

Four ISIS recruiters arrested in Spain

Two men detained in Girona and two in Melilla

Isis and al-Qaeda funded by 250 Spanish businesses

Jihadist groups funded by telephone shops, butchers and grocery stores in Spain





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