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Spain’s cigarette sales hit all-time low

Sales from the first half of 2015 register a 2.4% decrease from 2014

Smoking and sight loss

We all know that it’s not healthy for you to smoke, but few people know that it can also affect your vision

Spain’s smoking sadness

SMOKING is the number one killer in Spain, killing more than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs and traffic accidents collectively. A report on premature mortality lead...

Smoking linked to Alzheimer’s

Over 33% of Spain's men and one quarter of women are smokers

Spanish say yes to cigarettes, and no to alcohol

Spain is biggest consumer of non alcohol beer in the world

E-cigs “no safer than the real thing”

Spanish study reveals electronic cigarettes inhibit lung function just as much as regular cigarettes

Smoking falls following workplace ban in Spain

Smoking bans leads to five per cent drop in workforce smokers while consumption also falls

Workers stub it out in Spain

Smoking ban leads to five per cent drop in number of workers lighting up, according to study

Spaniards support smoking ban

78 per cent are against smoking in bars, according to study

A pain in the leg

Raymond Prats from Simplecare warns people to take heed of leg pains…

‘One treatment and I had stopped!’

The Olive Press meets anti-smoking campaigner Carol Adams from Stop Smoking in Spain

Smoking linked to weight gain

Mystery surrounding why smokers gain weight after quitting may have been solved

A fascinating body of work

Exhibition using real body parts allows the public a graphic view of how our bodies work

Dangerous prescription-only drug available over the counter in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial anti-smoking drug Champix is widely available over the counter, despite suicide risk

Still no smoking in Spain

Health Ministry announces it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January

The accent, smoking, beer and red tape

When Paul Whitelock moved to live in the Serranía de Ronda there were just three things he did not like about the place. The acento andaluz, smoking in bars and the beer. Oh, and the bureaucracy ...!

Quit smoking AND stay slim

Scientists have discovered why many smokers put on weight when they try to quit the habit

There’s no smoke…

Bartie admires the smokers fighting a losing battle

Kicking off to kick the habit in Spain

A series of arrests have been made after fights broke out over the new smoking ban

A ciggie on the lips or a sweetie on the hips?

Having kicked the smoking habit our blogger is now addicted to mints and wine gums!

Smokers to be stubbed out in Spain

Spain steps up fight to combat increasing number of smokers

Spain to snuff out smoking

Protests over plan to ban smoking in all public places next year





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