Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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El Horrible in trouble

Supreme court rules that Algorrobico should not have been built

My God! What have we done?

Are you awake? Yep. Can’t sleep. Me neither. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Probably... My God! What have we done?

Huge drug crackdown

Police have seized six luxury speed boats, 65 top of the range vehicles and 5.5 million euros as part of a huge international drugs crackdown

Britons Wanted in Spain on YouTube

The Spanish National police have issued a YouTube video of the most wanted criminals in the country and it includes two Britons

Nerja remembers

A poetry recital is to be held to commemorate those who fought in the two world wars

Daily Mail faces trouble over 10-year-old mum

The Spanish Attorney General hopes to prosecute the British daily newspaper for printing photos of the young parents

Let’s build

This week Liam Kellehar looks at the architect’s role during construction

El Bulli reborn

Adria is moving out of the kitchen and into the technology lab

Sexed up weevils are evil

The battle to rid Andalucia of its infestation of red palm weevils

The Stud comes to play

Oliver Tobias is coming to the Costa del Sol

Sun, at a price

Cheaper power for consumers upsets supplies

Coast to coast

Forget the Ruta de Santiago. Linking key archaeological sites Barbastro and Baelo Claudio and crossing six of Andalucia’s Natural parks, Guy Hunter-Watts new book The Andalucían Coast to Coast Walk is bound to be a huge hit for explorers and nature lovers. Here, the Olive Press gets an exclusive first look at the 21-day, 430km marathon and (overleaf) begins the first of three serialisations

Sky’s the limited

Thinking of starting up a business? Lawyer Adolfo Martos Gross of GAM abogados explains the Spanish SL and why it might be better to be autonomo, particularly when you are going it alone

Frying water

New exhibition focusing on the work of three chefs

Moorish return for Matisse

The discovery of the artist's signature in the Alhambra has sparked a fascinating new exhibition

Home sweet home

Over 30 per cent of 25 to 35-year-olds in Spain are still living with their parents

Kids, get your skis on

Sierra Nevada is set to revamp its ski resort

Legionnaires outbreak

With four dead and 40 other cases, health authorities in Madrid are trying to find the source of the latest Legionnaires disease outbreak

Squatting in her own home

A 75-year-old is being forced to live in her home illegally, without electricty or hot water

Brits run for mutts and moggies

An animal charity has gathered a team of eager volunteers are to run the first Malaga marathon

Oy vey! Now we’re the Costa del Corruption

Spain is more corrupt than Israel, according to a new poll

A to Z of Andaluz

There’s a very good reason why you can’t understand the locals

UK gets wind of Spain’s top turbine maker

Gamesa has announced they are to set up shop in Britain

Illegal homeowners unite to fight

Illegal homeowners in Chiclana de la Frontera have launched their own political party

Homes from Hell

ITV1 are currently looking for British people in Spain who are willing to share their stories with viewers

Treasure hunt

Spanish navy is searching for shipwrecks in a bid to protect the country’s historical heritage from private salvagers