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High time for a kitesurf on the Costa de la Luz

Europe’s top kitesurfing spot is on the Costa de la Luz, writes Jared Garland

Restaurant review: Petit Bistro, Tarifa

One large dollop of classy French cooking has been added to Tarifa’s competitive dining scene

Discovering Tarifa below the sea

Octopus, moray eels, sea cucumbers … Tom Powell discovers a whole new enclave of cool Tarifa residents on a scuba dive

Seeing the light on the Costa de la Luz

Roman ruins, pristine beaches, cool kitesurfers... Tom Powell is blown away by Tarifa and Bolonia

Spain in world’s top ten for environmental conflicts

Hard-hitting atlas puts Spain eighth for environmental trouble spots around the world with the Almoraima and Valdevaqueros projects in Andalucia two of key concern

Niza Car Hire returns deposits after Olive Press report

Deposits are finally being returned to customers following the Olive Press's exclusive investigation last issue

Tapas truth with no porky pies!

Just like the Monty Python sketch, without the spam!

€20,000 phone bill costs Tarifa councillor her job

Tarifa councillor ran up bills on premium line SMS messages

Tarifa in full colour!

Tarifa exploded into colour last weekend when the town held its first 'Festival of Colours'

Have your cake… but pay for it

Hotelier and author James Whaley, from the Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa, warns that looks can be decieving

Tarifa mayor challenges Valdevaqueros decision

Gil Garcia says the new environmental protection legislation will hurt the area's economy

SAVED! Junta places ‘explicit ban’ on Valdevaqueros development

Tarifa beach development and others on Andalucian coast are scrapped in new coastal protection shake up

Black mark for Tarifa

The Costa de la Luz town has received 'black flags' for its two main beaches

Stowaway enters Spain clinging to ferry engine

The suspected illegal immigrant was picked up by national police in Tarifa

Back to blanco in Tarifa

A group of Tarifa residents are painting the town white

Boat tragedy in Strait of Gibraltar

Two people died trying to reach Gibraltar from Morocco

Junta councillor speaks out against Valdevaqueros development plan

Antonio Jesus Roldan said his tourism plan does not include building on unspoilt beach in Tarifa

Protest on Valdevaqueros beach against town hall development plans

The complex would cut right through Tarifa's virgin Valdequeros beach

Diving into Gibraltar’s past

James Bryce comes face-to-face with Gibraltar’s sea-faring past - and some cross-dressing snails - while diving in the waters around the Rock

Boards for Blanco in Tarifa

Tarifa tourism group advertised celebration honoring the town's architecture using 150 surfboards

Whale watching in Tarifa

A fantastic place for a fun and environmentally friendly day out

Shedding light on the Costa de la Luz

We present a guided tour of the beautiful Coast of Light

La Janda language school offers Spanish classes in the white pueblo of Vejer de la Frontera

The language school weaves local Spanish culture into the learning experience, familiarizing students with both the language and the lifestyle of Spain

Riding the wind: Kite-surfing on the Costa del Sol

The Costa de la Luz is one of Spain’s top spots for kitesurfing – and good for diving too

Bono reads the Olive Press

New breed of newshound embraces the OP

Tarifa: Where the wind blows

Wendy Williams is blown away by the magic of Tarifa, Europe’s southernmost point




EXCLUSIVE: Residents feared for their homes when multiple fronts of flames raced towards their homes in L’Atzubia last night

Many expat residents were forced to flee their homes in fear as the giant wall of flames approached. One, Chloe Modrekelidze send the Olive Press...


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