Monday, July 16, 2018

Spanish football clubs in €663,876 million debt

The government has described the situation as 'worrisome'

Spanish music promoter has a dig at finance minister from beyond the grave

Family members were asked to carve insulting messages into his gravestone

Expat inspired to start Benalmadena funeral company

The death process may be complicated for expats, says funeral company owner Neil Toplis

H&M launch of Spanish online store could be bad news for Zara

The Swedish brand's global campaign may give Zara execs the sweats

British Airways/Iberia merger sees skyward profits

IAG's chief executive discusses the companies' plans for the future

Leading economist to head investing talk at Benalmadena cycle event

Saxo Bank's CIO and chief economist Steen Jakobsen will discuss the current market at the La Vuelta cycling race

Spain’s crippling unemployment may be on the up

The unemployment rate has fallen below 25% for the first time in a while

Spain urged to issue 50-year bond to help fill coffers

Pundits say a long-term bond could aid Spain’s economic recovery  

Spain’s top SEO companies

These search engine optimisation (SEO) firms won't let you and your business down

Rajoy: “Recovery is steady and ever-increasing”

Rajoy’s quest to bring “certainty” to the people starts with election dates

Vodafone sees massive revenue dip

The weak economies of Spain and South Africa are to blame for the mobile phone giant's bad luck

Tough Europe and US sanctions are ‘strong warning’ to Russia

But Spain's fragile economy could now suffer too

World’s biggest airport company hits the market this autumn

Spain's Aena Aeropuertos company, owner of Luton Airport, is worth billions in Europe's biggest trade this year

Wifi firm Gowex files for bankruptcy while disgraced former president faces jail

Spanish wifi giant’s collapse leaves foreign investors sceptical about the country's stock markets

Andalucia now Spain’s top exporter of goods to USA

Andalucia has brought in €537.4 million in the first four months of 2014

Summer brings more than 6,000 jobs to Malaga

But experts are not getting carried away, as most contracts are for temporary work

Latin American businesses banking on Spain

Banco Popular, Liberbank and Banco Sabadell have all opened their capital to Mexican investors

Marbella businesses can now open on Sundays and holidays  

A new law will allow 10 more cities to delineate holiday business zones

€300 monthly for Spanish businesses that hire unemployed youth

New measures to combat growing job crisis

Middle Eastern investors hit European market with €107 billion

Middle Eastern property interests hit good portion of Europe

Salaries slump in Spain with artists and estate agents worst affected

Spain's National Statistics Institute show a 4.7% decrease in salaries

Santander sells half of custody holdings to US firm

The euro zone's biggest bank sells part of its €738 million custody holdings

Apple recalls certain European iPhone power adapters

The company is offering a free exchange for affected products

Tax havens rife for Spanish fat cats

Estimates say the 'submerged' economy accounts for a quarter of GDP

How TVONE became Marbella’s number one

Bryan McCavitt and Claire Cockrill turned a small flagging TV satellite business into a booming company

Marbella legal firm BCP helps to ‘bridge the gap’

Legal firm BCP with offices in Marbella, Alicante and London understands the complexities and differences between UK and Spanish law


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