Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Spain’s not working (or is it?)

With a quarter of all business ‘in the black’ and many working while claiming dole, Wendy Williams takes a closer look at the real job situation in Spain and why the official employment figures may be hiding the truth

Expats launch action group after being ‘ripped off’ by Spanish-based financial services company

Dozens of victims claim to have been mis-sold by David Driver

‘Junk’ status as Spain asks for bailout

Ratings agency Moody’s took the action against lenders including Santander

Spain will need bailout of between €51-62 billion, according to official audit

Figures announced just days after world leaders urge Rajoy to seek formal rescue package

British expat faced with property embargo in Spain following bank dispute

Expat is fighting an embargo by German bank Sparkasse, which claims to be owed money by the previous owner

British homeowners win landmark ruling against CAM in Spain

Cam Bank has been ordered to return down payments for unbuilt homes

What happens when you follow bad advice?

Antonio Flores looks at what happened to the private investors caught up in the Lehman Brothers collapse and why some were more successful than others in pursuing their claims…

What will the baby-boomers do?

As the number of people in retirement outnumbers the working population, Richard Alexander considers where their pensions will come from…

Spain’s borrowing costs hit record high

Fears over full blown bailout increase as Moody's slashes the country's credit rating to just above 'junk' status

Spanish bailout no more than a sticking plaster

€100 billion bailout of Spain banks dismissed as a temporary solution

Spain to request €60 billion bailout on Saturday

Set to become the fourth eurozone country to require financial rescue package

An income for life?

Some important things to be aware of when considering buying a pension annuity

Agony Ant: Your legal problems addressed

Antonio answers questions about NIE number renewal and Capital Gains Tax

Understand the new health rules

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at the impact of Spain’s decision to no longer bear the brunt of health tourism and what it means for expats

Time to become a tax resident in Spain

With a clampdown on health provision for expats, it is time to fill out a tax return, writes Jose Lopez-Avalos of Marbella Solicitors

Spain nationalises fourth-largest bank

Government will convert €4.5 billion of Bankia loans into shares in group's parent company in effort to calm investor fears

How safe is your money if your bank should fail?

Why you should consider possible contingency plans in case things go badly wrong

Black and white…cash

Lawyer Antonio Flores considers the pros and cons of the tax amnesty proposed by the new PP government

Telefonica fine upheld

A fine was lodged against Telefonica for abusing its dominant market position

New bailout fears

Markets speculate on Spanish economy as bond yields go above six per cent

Olive Press offer for cheap international mobile calls

Mega Mobile is offering 10 euros free credit for Olive Press readers

Brand new cuts to target foreigners in Spain

Ten billion euros more is to be slashed from health and education, the PP has announced

The banks are to blame

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at why property buyers are the last in line to get their money back when things go wrong

What happens when banks stop lending?

Richard Alexander on why savers should consider tax wrapped investments

Spanish house price fall

Spanish property market suffers largest fall since records began

Myth-busting: Inheritance tax

In the first of two parts Mark Roach, tax consultant and company director from Wincham International dispels some common misconceptions about property succession


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