Friday, 20 October, 2017

Crime & Law

49 people have been caught in a child porn raid

The herd was poisoned first so that their heads could be cut off and sold

No one has been arrested for his murder

The group is accused of deliberately arranging the loss of tennis matches

To celebrate with the Olive Press special tenth anniversary, Antonio Flores of Lawbird picks out his Top Ten Legal cases

EXCLUSIVE: The crash caused an explosion that instantly killed the driver and several passengers in the first two rows

The injuries are not believed to be life threatening

The Spanish friar has been released on bail, in an ongoing investigation into paedophilia

It comes after police arrested a 29-year-old Spaniard in Torre del Mar on suspicion of robbing over a dozen rural homes, shops and churches

Watch as thieves target tourists in broad daylight on Barceloneta Beach

The restaurant is asking locals to identify the man

THIS is the moment Spanish cops shot at a group of terrorists in Cambrils late last night.  Police killed the five men in order to...

He is being held at Almeria’s El Acebuche prison

The men were involved in an incident which saw ten people injured

Miguel Flores walked free from court in Jerez de la Frontera after the child’s family decided not to proceeed with the case

He was meant to stop illegal construction, but took thousands to allow it

The illegally-placed and illegally-sized home is in Lanzarote

The women were caught in the crossfire during a gunfight between warring gypsy families

Boss of Torremolinos cafe becomes seventh Costa del Sol homicide victim this year

King Felipe and Mariano Rajoy attend minute;'s silence as crowd chant 'I am not afraid'

Scientists at the University of Granada studied the brains of 20 violent men

Gibraltarian Karim Rudge, has been charged with the abduction of a minor as well as breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order

LISA BROWN: Police hunt boyfriend who had yacht in Spain's La Linea marina

Junta bosses should be locked up for siphoning off millions, insists judge

The Malaya case is finally coming to court next week

Three high-profile defamation cases against TV channel Telecinco, Spanish newspaper ABC and union Manos Limpias have been opened in Spain




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