Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


Can this latest round of funding help ABA English earn a larger market-share?

Will Spain's other autonomous communities follow suit?

The conference forms part of a series of lectures that students must attend

A Brexit would make it harder for UK universities to recruit international students

They are hosting a drop in session on the 15 June, 2016 at Tennis Club Puente Romano, Marbella for students and parents who are interested in learning more

Swapping his interactive whiteboard for a road bike, Briton Andrew Sykes cycled 8,000km across the continent

The protests were called by the Students Union with the biggest marches taking place in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

ERASMUS students from all over the world took part in the survey

Parents interested in learning more about Gibraltar's brand new independent secondary school can attend an information evening at the Hotel Guadacorte Park in Algeciras

Students from Bath College to spend six weeks in Sevilla

Independent thinking from Spanish professors

Teachers in Spain are setting more than six hours of homework per week

Spain has opened its first ever ‘lightsaber school’ as it pursues this futuristic sport

British undergraduates could have problems benefiting from Erasmus, which has enabled 200,000 students of EU member states to study abroad since its creation in 1987

Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez uses the 3-D world-building game to teach his pupils religious education

A new shepherds’ school in Extremadura hopes to boost production of the prized local cheese

Europe’s most decorated club sets up school for underprivileged kids

A new report reveals Spanish bullies make up a third of the classroom

Professors fear this may lead to the privatisation of Spain’s largest university

The huge scale and effectiveness of video conferencing at CERN indicates the great strides made in technology that has for years been out of reach

Castille y Leon set to include Romany studies on next year's curriculum

Currently, only 2.9% of international students studying in Europe opt for Spanish universities

Undertaking an international training programme is great experience for future careers, explain two Princeton students, who recently summered with the Olive Press

The inaugural Best Countries rankings from U.S. News & World Report were unveiled at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January

The emphasis is not just on education… it is also on health and fitness, writes Rob Horgan


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