Green hope for Andalucia National Park

Donana gas plan halted for the time being at least

Vultures and eagle found electrocuted

Ecologists call for 'immediate action' following discovery of the birds near Ronda

Ronda – San Pedro motorway plans shelved

Plans for motorway through the Genal Valley have been shelved

Anti-drilling campaigners set sail off the Costa del Sol

EXCLUSIVE: Spaniards and expats visit Repsol's proposed spot to raise awareness about the plans

Donana under threat from gas extraction

Environment Ministry issues licence for area close to park

Green cars get green light

Spanish energy giant Endesa is to test two prototype electric cars provided by vehicle manufacturer SEAT

Donana National Park president steps down

Former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez has stepped down from his presidency after admitting he does not have enough time to do the job

Pollution crackdown in Gibraltar port

Shipping companies could face unlimited fines under new legislation

The Rock to participate in EU climate change project

The scheme aims to help find solutions to global warming

Endangered imperial eagles benefit from safer electricity pylons in Spain

Good news for bird of prey as pylons throughout Donana National Park made completely safe to land on

Mayors and Greenpeace unite in Spain to fight gas drilling 9km off Mijas coast

PSOE mayors join Greenpeace to publicise the risks of allowing oil giant Repsol to drill 9km off Mijas coast

Andalucia’s historical dune gardens on verge of disappearing

Coastal allotments will disappear completely within two years if more is not done to preserve them warns academic Ruben Sanchez

Donana National Park launches raccoon-catching programme

Programme launched to catch ‘smelly and aggressive’ mammals after unwanted pets are released into the wild

Judge nails Andalucia golf project

Ronda may have to return €14 million to developers over controversial Los Merinos scheme

Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

The EU has banned fishermen from slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live

Red kites up by 50% in Spanish national park

The Junta de Andalucia has recorded sightings of 74 red kite pairs, compared to just 40 in 2011

Spain to fund overseas green projects to help hit Kyoto targets

Several international schemes have been approved including wind farms in India, Mexico and Tunisia

Endangered fish removed from Andalucian waters for breeding

The fartets and freshwater blennies will be bred in an attempt to boost numbers

On the frontline in climate change battle

With Spain feeling the effects of climate change more than most, James Bryce looks at the effect global warming is having on people’s lives, and what’s been done to combat it

Working ‘whaley’ hard in the Gulf of Cadiz

Extensive survey of whale and dolphin numbers to examine the impact of the fishing industry

Algarrobico demolition to cost well under estimate

Demolition costs for the illegal hotel have dropped from €300 million to just over €7 million

Lorca earthquake caused by human activity

Deathly Spanish tremor which killed nine last year was triggered by groundwater extraction, find experts

Spain’s central courts put a stop to plans for railway testing track

Madrid court blocks plan for high-speed train testing circuit in Antequera

Al Gore urges Gibraltar to become climate change ‘role model’

Former US vice president praised the Rock's sustainability credentials during speech at Thinking Green conference

Jagger’s daughter models for tuna

Lizzie Jagger poses for the FISHLOVE campaign - although thankfully tuna numbers are on the increase in Spain

Europeans are overfishing sharks, warn conservationists

Oceana Europe have warned demand for omega-3 is causing an increase in overfishing of sharks





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