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Amy Fitzpatrick

British charity launches renewed Christmas appeals to find missing expats

As part of its Home For Christmas campaign, the Lucie Blackman Trust has launched an appeal for missing expats

Amy Fitzpatrick’s mum pleads with Irish courts to allow husband David Mahon to travel to Portugal

Audrey Mahon says she needs to travel to combat her depression and that she will not be able to travel alone due to her medical condition

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s stepdad Dave Mahon denied bail to travel to Spain

Dave Mahon has been told he must stay in Ireland, where he awaits trial for the murder of his stepson Dean Fitzpatrick

Mijas unveils park in memory of five missing residents including Amy Fitzpatrick

A Park with plaques honouring Amy Fitzpatrick and four other missing residents was unveiled in an emotional ceremony

Amy Fitzpatrick’s mum returns to Spain to renew search for missing daughter

Amy Fitzpatrick has not been seen since January 1 2008 when she was 15 years old and disappeared from Calahonda

Donal MacIntyre flies into the Costa del Sol to blow lid on missing Amy Fitzpatrick case

Retracing Amy’s last steps, MacIntyre met with those who knew the 15-year-old best

Dave Mahon granted permission for holiday in Spain before murder trial begins

Irish police opposed the decision, telling the Judge that Mahon was a 'flight risk'

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s mum marries man charged with her son’s murder

The pair had been engaged for eight years

Audrey Fitzpatrick to wed Dave Mahon before his trial for her son’s murder

Mahon, 43, is charged with the murder of her son Dean in 2013

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s family help Costa del Sol search effort for Agnese Klavina

Amy Fitzpatrick's father and aunt offer support to Agnese Klavina's family

More than 80 expats attend service for missing Amy Fitzpatrick

Mother Audrey Fitzpatrick and step-dad Dave Mahon present at vigil to mark Amy's disappearance

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s stepdad back on the Costa del Sol

Dave Mahon - on bail, charged with murdering Amy's older brother - has returned to Spain for a vigil for Amy

Dave Mahon granted permission to visit Spain for Amy Fitzpatrick vigil

The stepfather of missing Amy has had his bail conditions relaxed in order to visit Spain this Christmas once again

Dave Mahon back in court to face murder charge

The stepfather of missing Amy Fitzpatrick has not yet entered his plea

Dave Mahon out of prison on bail

He has been formally charged with the murder of Dean Fitzpatrick, the older brother of missing Amy

Dave Mahon officially charged with murder of Dean Fitzpatrick

The stepfather of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick, has been formally charged with murdering her brother

Dave Mahon vows to fight Dean Fitzpatrick murder charge

On Wednesday morning he will be charged with murder and placed in custody

Here lies Amy? Exclusive new relevations

Did teenager Amy Fitzpatrick become the victim of a sordid sex ring? New evidence has risen of the night she disappeared and a suggestion that she could be buried by Mijas race course. By Tom Powell and Imogen Calderwood in Mijas

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s stepdad to be charged over her brother’s death

Dave Mahon has been asked by the Gardai to return to Ireland to face a charge for the death of Dean Fitzpatrick

Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s mum flees Costa del Sol hospital

Seriously ill Audrey Fitzpatrick has 'panic attack' and discharges herself with needles still in arms

Nightmare for Amy

Police are to begin searching for Amy's body following a tip-off

EXCLUSIVE: New leads in the search for missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick

Detectives are set to scour a remote hillside for the body of missing Amy Fitzpatrick, not far from the home of the teenager on the Costa del Sol

Inquest into death of missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s brother adjourned

Dean Fitzpatrick had been stabbed by his stepfather Dave Mahon last year, allegedly by accident, he claims

Letter warned Amy Fitzpatrick would ‘disappear’ three years before she vanished

A letter sent to the Irish embassy in 2005 predicted that the teenager would go missing

New appeal for missing Amy Fitzpatrick

Missing teen’s family makes emotive Olive Press appeal following brother’s killing

Dean Fitzpatrick may have had information on missing sister Amy

Dean Fitzpatrick's dad has revealed his son was opening up about sister just days before stabbing





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