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Fuengirola castle home to German beer festival until July 19

Bottoms up! German sausage is also on the menu

Spaniards pay less alcohol tax than anywhere in Europe

A recent study found that Spaniards pay lower tax on their beers, whiskeys and wines than anywhere else in Europe

Andalucia stocks up on Cruzcampo beer for Christmas season

Over 2,1 millioon bottles have been dispatched to drinking holes throughout Andalucia

UK beer sales soaring at last

After five years of decline, British beer sales are finally booming

Beer festival set to be a hit in the mountains near Ronda

Flamenco dancers, music acts and a whole lot of ale will make up Jimera de Libar's beer festival

Circus worker faces police investigation after leaving his bear in a hailstorm while he went to the pub

A man could be in trouble after leaving his bear tied up outside a pub in Carcer, near Valencia

Cyber safety in Cordoba…one beer at a time

A social group to promote internet security

German beer festival in Mijas kicks off tomorrow

Beer, sausages and pretzels galore!

Robots get a taste for beer thanks to Spanish inventors

New robotic ‘tongue’ can differentiate between a double malt and a lager and a Pilsen

Spanish not convinced by high score in European beer index

A European beer map controversially reveals Spain as one of the leaders in how many beers can be bought with the minimum wage

Barcelona brewery…gee, mine’s a double!

Barcelona brewer teams up with US counterpart to make new beers

Beer foam prank secret revealed

Madrid scientists establish formula behind beer foaming

Spanish say yes to cigarettes, and no to alcohol

Spain is biggest consumer of non alcohol beer in the world

Spain still loves a tipple

The Breweries in Spain Association (BSA) has found the Spanish still prefer to drink in bars rather than at home

Spanish tapas pack an unhealthy punch

With 80 calories per glass of beer and tapas soaked in oil, health experts warn tourists to think before they tuck in

The accent, smoking, beer and red tape

When Paul Whitelock moved to live in the Serranía de Ronda there were just three things he did not like about the place. The acento andaluz, smoking in bars and the beer. Oh, and the bureaucracy ...!

No Disney classic for Miley

Underaged Miley Cyrus on a lash in Madrid

Beer-guzzling Brits drink Spain dry

Over a third of all beer produced by Spain drunk by holidaymakers

We’ll drink to that!

EXCLUSIVE: In-depth Olive Press study proves that Spain floors UK when it comes to basic essentials and our perennial vices

Stone Age brew

Neolithic man may have liked his beer just as much as his modern-day counterparts




COVID-19 hospital admissions reach new low for 2021 in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

HOSPITAL admissions for COVID-19 have reached their lowest level this year, according to the Valencian regional health ministry. Today's figures(June 15) report just 105 hospitalisations. It's...


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