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Urban road safety: DGT launches campaign in Spain’s Malaga and Marbella to monitor bicycles and scooters on pavements

THE director general of the DGT (Spanish Traffic Authority) has launched a campaign to monitor bicycles and scooters on pavements and pedestrian areas. This campaign,...

Operation Salida: What you need to know about driving on Spain’s roads this summer

SPAIN's transport agency, the DGT, has launched a new awareness campaign and special traffic device operation for the supervision of road trips this summer. In...

Malaga speed cameras that catch the most highway menaces in Spain

THE Spanish organisation Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA) has published a list of stationary speed cameras that have registered the most instances of exceeding speed—two...

These are the five most common traffic violations with hefty fines on roads in Spain

HARD braking around speed cameras leads to dangerous driving and can see fines of up to €200 handed out warns the Department of Traffic...

New fines for cyclists in Spain to be introduced very soon warns National Traffic Authority

WITH ever increasing bike utilization rates in Spain, new guidelines for cyclists are on the cards. The director general of the DGT (Spanish Traffic Authority),...

Road deaths in Spain, in the midst of the pandemic, returns to 2016 levels

DESPITE significant reductions in mobility due to COVID-19 restrictions, 32 people have lost their lives on Spanish roads this Easter. According to official data released...

Spain’s DGT on the lookout for drivers who do not wear a mask in the car, handing out hefty...

SPAIN’S Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has warned of significant penalties faced by those who do not comply with mask wearing safety regulations while in...

21% of those who died in traffic accidents in Spain’s Malaga were not wearing seat belts

THE Directorate General of Road Traffic (DGT) is stepping up checks on correct seat belts use this week with a new special surveillance campaign. The...

Drivers to expect €200 fines for not giving cyclists more space and consideration on Spanish roads

MOTORISTS have been asked to act as if upcoming changes in safety laws are already in effect, or face fines of up to 200...

Camouflaged traffic van in Spain’s Malaga detects dozens of traffic violations a day – including SHAVING and having one...

The van doesn’t come equipped with speed cameras, but targets other serious driving offences instead

New traffic camera in Spain can spot speeding offenders from 1km away

The country’s transport body, the DGT, has revealed details of the new super camera, dubbed the Trucam II

Guardia Civil to ramp up speeding and drink driving campaigns in Spain with drones, helicopters and undercover cars

SPAIN'S Transport agency DGT has not issued travel predictions for the annual 'summer exodus' for the first time in history. Every year, as the summer...

REVEALED: French drivers are worse than British for road crimes in Spain

FRENCH and Portuguese drivers are far worse than British, when it comes to driving offences in Spain. The country’s Traffic Department, the DGT, have just...

Electric scooter riders to face fines ‘up to €500’ for riding without helmets and on city pavements in Alicante

POLICE in Alicante will have powers to fine electric scooter riders up to €500 for riding without a helmet or using city pavements, according...

WhatsApping while driving will lose you SIX POINTS from licence, under new DGT plans

WHATSAPP messaging while behind the wheel will soon see drivers lose six points from their licences. The new measures by Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT)...

Drones which can photograph drivers using their mobile phone from 2km away launched in Spain TODAY

It comes after 31 people died and another 159 were seriously injured during Holy Week last year

New ‘hidden speed cameras’ to be rolled out across Spain within days

The DGT hopes it will help reduce accidents caused by speeding

WATCH: Thousands rescued from frozen cars in Spain, hundreds of soldiers deployed

HUNDREDS of soldiers had to be deployed in Spain last night to rescue people from their cars. The resuce effort came after more than 3,500...

Spain’s transport network prepares for travel chaos for five-day weekend

Extra speed cameras and patrol cars will be in place on traffic hotspots on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Spanish drivers fine about fines with just 1% appealing them

Just 1.15% of drivers in Spain are appealing their traffic fines from the General Directorate of Traffic

Spain launches week long campaign to clampdown on drink drivers and drug abusers

More Guardia Civil officers will be out on the roads as well as the creation of extra drug and alcohol checkpoints

Spain’s National Traffic Authority spends nearly €2 million on 30 laser speed cameras

The speed traps enable a high-end way to tackle speed fiends and will be rolled out in 14 provinces

Wrong gear

Direccion General de Trafico mix-up sees letters sent to dead people





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