Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Spanish siesta to get the boot as Spain dumps ‘Nazi time’ for GMT

The government is considering replacing the ‘Nazi time zone’ it currently operates in with Greenwich Mean Time

New future for Pamplona fascist war memorial following exhumations

The controversial Monumento a los Caidos in Pamplona could become a ‘historical memory centre’ now that the bones of nine military leaders have been removed.

Spanish Civil War colour documentary airs tonight

THE SHOCKING realities of the Spanish Civil War will be laid bare  in a new colour TV documentary. British historian Antony Beever's Divided Spain: The Civil...

Franco exhibition in Spain met with protests and egging

Catalan separatists shouted ‘no fascists on our streets’

Former Franco-era womens’ prison converted into art gallery in Spain

The exhibiting artists have all worked with the themes of suffocation, isolation and resistance

Franco and Himmler ‘tribute’ at Spanish fiesta sparks outrage

Residents felt the images honoured the former Spanish dictator and Nazi officer

Flight from Franco: A P.O.W recalls his great escape from the Valley of the Fallen

Nicolas Sanchez-Albornoz recalls his escape from a prison camp in 1948

Valley of the Fallen: General Franco’s final resting place

Forty years after Franco, his tomb beneath one of the Civil War’s last battlefields is still causing controversy

Spain marks 40 years since Franco’s death

At least 16 Catholic churches are to hold services

German government is paying pensions of Spanish Nazi volunteers

Parliamentary enquiry reveals German taxpayer is funding 41 Blue Division veterans' pensions

Car covered in fascist symbols banned by Catalan town hall

Provocative political artists wanted to drive Nazi car through Figueres town centre

Young woman murdered by Franco firing squad to be honoured

La Carolina Town Hall, in Jaen is to make Ana Lopez Gallego an honorary mayor

Wrong Spanish national anthem played at badminton championships

Carolina Marin put up a brave face as the fascist lyrics rang out

Nine miners bodies found in Sevilla 79 years after they were ambushed by pro-Franco forces

The miners’ remains have been finally exhumed from a mass grave in Sevilla

New La Linea mayor offers support after Gibraltar fans injured in crash

A coach carrying football fans back from a European Qualifier with Germany suffered a major crash

Mayor of Marbella to remove all signs of Franco and corruption

All street names that refer to Spain's past dictator will be removed from the town

Spanish poet Federico Lorca executed in Granada during Spanish Civil War

New documents written in 1965 but only revealed today, are the first official documents to record Lorca's killing

Spain’s former fascist leader General Franco officially a dictator

Official biography El Generalisimo is to be updated

Newly-discovered documents reveal secrets of the Irish International Brigades

The Irish hero of the International Brigades sent men home to save their lives

Campaign seeking justice for Spanish Civil War massacre victims moves to the Hague

A march in support of the up to 5,000 victims is being held tomorrow in Malaga

Gibraltar border: Today marks 30-year anniversary of emotional re-opening

Crowds gathered on both sides to celebrate the end of the 16-year border closure

EU criticises Spanish toll roads as taxpayers picks up billion-euro bill

Some of the highways ended up carrying 82% less traffic than had been originally envisaged




Most of Spain is affected by water shortages says management company

THREE-QUARTERS of Spain is affected by water shortages according to reports from water management company Aqualia.  Spain has been struggling with ongoing droughts since 2017...


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