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Spain under pressure to arrest 20 alleged Franco-era war criminals

The ex-officials include two former Cabinet ministers

Time for a divorce in Spain?

Antonio Flores, of Lawbird, tackles the tricky questions about ending a marriage

Parents storm Catalan language barrier

The Catalan school system has raised some 10 million Catalan speakers

A tale of two pueblos: Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes

While very different, the quirky towns of Zahara and Barbate are breath of fresh air from the manufactured charms of the Costa del Sol, writes Carey Camel

School book accused of airbrushing Franco’s rule

The children's history book brushes over the real details of Spain's civil war

Death of former Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez imminent, announces son

Adolfo Suarez, the champion of democracy following Franco, has been given 48 hours to live

Andalucia to look for missing victims of Franco

Local government to step up search for estimated 60,000 missing bodies in southern Spain

Censorship in Spain

A new book will tell the story of censorship in Franco's Spain

Franco cops face extradition

Elderly former police officers face extradition to Argentina

Alleged Franco torturer discovered in Madrid

The Franco henchman was known as "Billy the Kid"

UN is searching for answers to individuals who disappeared during Franco’s reign

The UN plans to help those who lost their family

Arrest warrants for Franco-era crimes

Argentina orders the arrest of Spanish torturers

Sixty years of ‘stolen’ babies in Spain

The Franco era scandal is coming back to haunt Spain

‘Criminal’ general

Anti-fascist group defaces Nerja street sign named after Franco general

Mass grave excavated in Ronda

3,000 could lie in new communal grave as Junta announces that it is to set up a series of Civil War ‘memorial routes’ around Malaga

Garzon backs Franco victims in the search for truth

Over 40 groups have joined forces with backing from former High Court judge, Baltazar Garzon, to create the Platform for a Truth Commission

British bung kept Spain out of WWII

Documents reveal the Foreign Office bribed Spain to stay neutral

Paul Preston releases new book on Santiago Carillo

British author hits out at former Spanish Communist Party leader

Digging for victory in Gibraltar

A remarkable 30 mile tunnel network which housed 5,000 soldiers during the war offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, discovers James Bryce

Stolen babies to remain in Malaga graves

Mass exhumation of graves to find stolen baby remains halted

Hispanist updates Juan Carlos book to include recent controversies

Paul Preston's 10-year-old book now describes Spanish king's Botswana hunting trip and 'corrupt' son-in-law

Controversy after 1934 film shows pupils giving Nazi salute

Outrage as youth football teams are filmed giving Nazi salute

Tribute to Spanish film legend in London

Famed director Pedro Almodovar will be honoured with a retrospective of his work at London's Curzon Soho Cinema next week.

Spanish Civil war influences British writer

The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield looks at some of the darkest aspects of Franco's dictatorship

James Bond just isn’t the same in Spain

Censored versions of Ian Fleming novels produced during chaste Franco era are still being reproduced today

Request for dig to find poet’s remains denied in Granada

A plea was denied by the Granada Town Hall to dig for poet Federico Garcia Lorca's remains in a historic field used during the Spanish Civil War





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