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Ice Age project hotting up in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Museum is a founding member of the heritage network

Spain could suffer as Portugal woos expats with sweet tax deal

The scheme eliminates double taxation of foreign incomes

Big thumbs up from Germany

By columnist Mark Rickard

Cheaper to hire work in the UK than in Spain

Both Britain and Spain's wages are far below Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands

Police to clamp down on Spain’s criminal biker gangs

Spanish authorities pledge to prevent a criminal biker gang culture from developing

Spain eliminates university entrance exam to encourage foreigners

The 'huge barrier' exam - Selectividad - is no more

Status Quo cancel European shows after Rick Parfitt falls ill

Alhaurin-based guitarist Parfitt is currently in hospital in Croatia
sangria e

A Brit less sangria, perhaps?

British tourists are thought of as the heaviest drinkers while on holiday, according to a new survey

Aldi supermarkets in Spain are cheapest in Europe

A price comparison of Aldi supermarkets across the UK, Spain, France and Germany revealed that the Spanish one in Marbella is the cheapest – and Brits are paying nearly double

Germany declares towel war on British tourists in Spain

And Brits might have to throw in the towel on this one

Spain just fourth favourites to win World Cup

Despite winning their three last major tournaments, Spain are behind Brazil, Argentina and Germany in the World Cup odds

Tourist spending hits a new high in Spain

Tourists in Spain have spent a record sum in the first two months of 2014

Half of Europeans boost their health knowledge with online videos

Most watch videos for information not provided by their doctor, according to survey

BMW runs employment scheme for jobless Spaniards

The firm will hire a group of 25 young workers to be trained at its Munich headquarters
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Working worries in Andalucia

Andalucia named as Europe’s second most unemployed region

Spaniards flock to Germany to escape recession

Soaring unemployment has driven a record number of Spaniards to leave the country
family beach spain

Tourists to Spain spent 3.28 billion euros in March, an increase of 13.7%

According to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR) the average spend per person was 963 euros and the average spend per day was 110 euros

Malaga miracle worker saves boy’s life on Ryanair flight

New Year's mercy mission for flying Spanish nurse who raced against time to stabilize 10-year-old's condition

Was Madeleine McCann in Ibiza?

Man believes he saw the missing girl on a flight to Germany
debt per capita

Andalucians have lower debt

A recent study shows that the region's debt per capita is lower than most of Europe

Spain’s still glorious!

Spain is off to a slow start in the Olympic standings but maybe we should cut them some slack

Spain hires Germany as ‘Sherpa’

Spaniards to receive German-style on-the-job training to help them land well-paid positions

Spanish youth heads to Germany

OPX editor Wendy Andersen on the Peter Pan syndrome and why the young are being forced to emigrate

German bean sprouts not Spanish cucumbers to blame for deadly E.coli outbreak

Spanish farmers could now see millions in compensation after they were wrongly blamed

Spanish cucumbers are not to blame for the E.coli outbreak

Spain is now seeking compensation

Spain’s killer cucumbers

Andalucian cucumbers are being blamed for a deadly E.coli outbreak that has already left 16 dead and 330 in hospital




Scandal of crucial ‘early detection’ cancer screenings being delayed by up to four YEARS in Spain’s Valencia region

REPORTED delays of up four years for early detection cancer screenings in the Valencian Community has led to a call for prosecutors to determine...


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