Sunday, 22 January, 2017

National News

There has been a significant rise in expat investment

The famous wetland, a paradise for birdlife, is currently in danger of losing its UNESCO World Heritage Site status

Spain accounted for 62% of bulk imports in the US last year

Catalan leaders stand accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless artworks

The feared hikes could see Brits pay up to €50 to stream a single song on their phone

13 retired ambassadors called for Trillo's removal in a letter to the minister for foreign affairs

The film is expected to premiere next May

The visit has already been re-scheduled twice: it was originally planned for February 2016, but cancelled after 47 people were executed by the Saudi Kingdom.

A government spokesman put the increase in arrests down to ‘exceptional work’

The swing comes as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised a ‘legal and binding’ referendum this year

Vice secretary Fernando Martínez-Maillo said he could see Mariano Rajoy governing for 12 years

It flies in the face of the stereotype of Germans as sunbed hoggers

Scientists gathered dietary information for 401 70 year olds

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

Not one of the eight provincial cities has an approved spending plan

A report said Brits have been driven to the work by a crippling downturn in the Spanish economy

It comes after a similar package was found in Sevilla yesterday

When it comes to partying the British and Spanish are neck and neck, or should that be nose to nose?

Depending on pollution levels, the decision will be revised daily

Experts cite the country's healthy Mediterranean diet

Two are recovering in hospital


Iberostar has invested ‘several million euros’ in its Malaga Playa resort in Torrox Costa, the largest complex between Malaga and Motril


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