Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Crime & Law

A well-known international online betting company have been heavily criticized following the defacing of a British landmark, in an attempted publicity stunt for the...

MALAGA province has lost 516 police officers as part of a nationwide cut that has resulted in 22,000 fewer agents on the streets. Both the...

Two women claimed they were groped during the first night of the bull running festival

He told her she wouldn't be the first he had killed

The police operation was codenamed Manta – Spanish for blanket

Most of those arrested are also believed to be British

Police uncovered potential criminal dealings at the now defunct company Import Spain

The women were ordered to work the streets of Puerto Banus

He was released 11 days later after a police operation

The crash killed three people and severely injured four others on the AP-7

Her 32-year-old husband Shaun said they are all devastated by the ordeal

Mourinho has denied the allegations of tax evasion

Along with the pair, who are in their 70s, a lawyer and a Russian interpreter have also been arrested

The group had moved to some nearby grass to sleep by the time police arrived

A MANHUNT is underway after a person was shot dead in Spain. Several others have been injured after an unknown man opened fire in Vilanova...

Several passengers were sent flying onto the road

One child had nappy sores from sitting in excrement for too long

More than 2,000 people were ordered to leave the centre

It comes after a European arrest warrant was released for the 44-year-old man

The murder is linked to the Hutch/Kinahan feud

SPAIN is to see an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints on its roads this weekend. Checkpoints will be especially increased on conventional roads and...

The €150,000 black Audi, on British plates, was eventually stopped by police with both men fleeing before being arrested

A European-wide search tracked the girl down to Obrežje in Slovenia

It is believed he swam in a bid to avoid border guards

He claims he was forced to leave La Linea by the ‘Costa del Sol drug mafia’


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