Tuesday, 25 April, 2017

Crime & Law

The 33-year-old from Chertsey in Surrey was apprehended on a European Arrest Warrant due to allegedly stealing two cars from a car dealership in Surbiton

A 20-year-old suffered non life-threatening injuries after being attacked with a hammer.

Some 25 individuals have been arrested and 22 women freed from a forced prostitution gang in Barcelona.

Rajoy will give evidence in a corruption case concerning his party

Spanish police have broken up a major child porn ring, retrieving files containing sick abuse of children up to eight years old.

Police have intercepted a cyber crime ring suspected of infecting computers with malicious software in order to obtain sensitive information.

Spanish police have intercepted a €3.5m drug smuggling operation in Alicante

Eight Leicester city fans have received suspended sentences after violent clashes with police in Madid

Michael Goosey, w h o s e house overlooks the A7 in Mijas Costa, cannot understand why o f f i c i a l s have mysteriously removed the average speed cameras that went in two years ago

A recent report has revealed that 10% of car thefts in Spain occur in the province, second only to Madrid.

But to lose such priceless, sentimental items as war medals and a christening present is heartbreaking for Sally and David Russell

They have been suspended for five days without pay after 36-year-old Antony Abbott from Bolton died within an hour of his arrest in October 2015

David Russell, 70, is appealing to locals to keep an eye out for his trio of gongs, which include a Queen’s Jubilee medal, a Gulf War medal and a Northern Ireland General Service medal

A Spanish policewoman is filing for harassment after being reprimanded for taking a toilet break while on her period.

Easter celebrations end in terror after crowd stampede

US authorities have not commented on whether Severa's work was used to aid Trump's campaign.

Those caught with illegal fish could face hefty fines and even prison sentences.

Terrorist group Eta is responsible for 800 deaths over four decades, and the disarmament could potentially end the violence

A British woman has been assaulted and mugged in Malaga, resulting in major head injuries

A nationwide investigation in Spain led to the discovery of a large amount of cocaine and the arrests of 25 people

The total market value of all the family's properties in Spain is reported to be a whopping €691 million

The gunshot victims' wounds are not thought to be life-threatening

Tourists are being warned to be aware of potential scams on accommodation booking site Airbnb

A CASH machine has been robbed in Sabinillas. Reports say the suspected thieves used explosives to blow the machine out of the wall before making...

A series of corruption scandals has caused popularity for the PP to wane

Some 90 houses had been raided and more than 400 hard discs and other computer materials were seized


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