Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

Crime & Law

Rato headed the International Monetary Fund from 2004 to 2007

Owens was twice arrested and held in jail on remand

Valtonyc has been convicted of threats, glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown

It comes four years after the Irishwoman was caught in Peru while trying to smuggle more than €2 million worth of cocaine

He hijacked innocent people's identities and invented other clients to send fraudulent tax returns

Sources close to Matthews say she has applied for a passport

A report accuses Spain of using the 'glorifying terrorism' offence to limit free speech

The Guardia Civil have launched an investigation

There were a lot to choose from...

A counter-terrorism investigation has been launched

There has yet to be any formal charges brought against the Kokorevs

The man tried to harm himself after the attack

The main opposition party’s motion will be debated in parliament

Cristina de Bourbon will pay a €265,088 fine for her role in the Noos scandal

The man tried to fly from Gran Canaria to Sevilla with money taken from a company safe

Security expert Will Geddes appeared on ITV's This Morning and TalkRadio to talk about the report

The unromantic duo didn't take a single item of lingerie

Steven Allford was found on a bench with his trousers pulled down

ISIS sympathisers in Spain are being urged to 'attack, attack, attack!'

A man in his 50s made the confession after handing himself in to police in Madrid, who launched an investigation after they went missing from the prestigious Spanish gala at the Hotel Marriott Auditorium

Police found boxes of sleep-inducing medicines in the victim's home for which he had no prescription

Thousands across the UK and Spain illegally stream football matches

The child is now in a protection centre for minors

€30,000 worth of items including cufflinks, a ring and earrings from Joyeria Suarez were taken from a room in Madrid's Hotel Marriot Auditorium where the prestigious gala was held