Sunday, 21 January, 2018


THE mother of seven-year-old Julian Cadman has revealed her ongoing heartbreak after he was killed in August's Barcelona terror attack. Jumarie Cadman told the Daily Telegraph that she struggles to understand why she lived and...

A YOUNG female ISIS recruiter has been cuffed in Spain with help from the FBI.  According to Spain's Interior Ministry, the 21-year-old woman was arrested by Guardia Civil after allegedly recruiting other women to join...

AN imam accused of making recruitment videos for the sick terrorist group ISIS can be extradited to Spain, a UK court has ruled.  Birmingham-based Tarik Chalioui, 43, is suspected of recruiting fighters for the war...

SPANISH and Moroccan authorities have broken up an alleged extremist cell in Morocco. The six-member group, all of which were arrested, was actively training and planning to conduct violent attacks. The details of their plots have...

ISIS has released its first propaganda video in Spanish and it features a young jihadist from Andalucia.  It comes a week after terrorist attacks in Catalonia which left 15 people dead and over 100 injured. In...

A PRO-ISIS website has warned of further attacks in Spain from terror cells still embedded in the country. The Wafa Media Foundation published a statement addressed 'from the Islamic Republic of Spain to the Government...

THIS is the moment Spanish cops shot at a group of terrorists in Cambrils late last night.  Police killed the five men in order to stop another van attack. They were all wearing explosive belts and...

It depicts a firearms attack at a hotel and describes in detail what individuals should do to increase their chance of survival

He had been on the Costa del Sol for a couple of weeks before was arrested

Suspected jihadists planned to go on stabbing spree in Inca

Islamist preacher Tarik Chadlioui filmed in Palma calling for Islamic state to be established

Suspected terror gang flown to Madrid in police helicopters

Six held in raids as UK police arrest 44-year-old Imam

It comes after a European arrest warrant was released for the 44-year-old man

Security expert Will Geddes appeared on ITV's This Morning and TalkRadio to talk about the report

ISIS sympathisers in Spain are being urged to 'attack, attack, attack!'

Spain’s Commissioner for Public Security has now upped the police presence in busy areas

The men are believed to be Algerian and Moroccan nationals with links to ISIS

Authorities in Spain have arrested 161 jihadists since 2015

The page is gaining almost 500 new Spanish-speaking followers a week

They were hoping to be trained before launching an attack in Europe

Nightclubs, planes, cinemas, cafes and bars are listed as suggested targets

Hatred of European values was found to be a driver behind radicalisation




THE Duke of Cambridge’s children are set to be fluent in Spanish after just one week in school, thanks to a Spanish nanny. Princess Charlotte...
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