Tuesday, 21 November, 2017

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The study reveals that dolphins were found to have the same protein clusters found in Alzheimer patients.

Ten of the 20 most solicited universities on the continent are based in the country

70 companies signed up to the scheme in under a fortnight

The government revealed that 35% admitted to never partaking in the pastime on the eve of a huge school reading drive

Three British unis made the top 20

A Brexit would make it harder for UK universities to recruit international students

Independent thinking from Spanish professors

British undergraduates could have problems benefiting from Erasmus, which has enabled 200,000 students of EU member states to study abroad since its creation in 1987

Professors fear this may lead to the privatisation of Spain’s largest university

Currently, only 2.9% of international students studying in Europe opt for Spanish universities

The Spanish Supreme court found Spain’s Housing Ministry had acted illegally by excluding the Israeli institution from Solar Decathlon Europe in 2009

Íñigo Méndez de Vigo said Spain needed more students in vocational education and training

A new report claims only two-thirds of Spanish university students enrolled in a four-year course finish on time

For Gibraltarians abroad, homesickness goes with the ‘British Territory’, writes Olive Press columnist Belinda Beckett

Philip Vasquez has written Gibraltar’s first survival guide for uni freshers studying away from the Rock

A study found those who demonstrated signs of agitation, impulsive or ‘risky’ behaviour were 40% more likely to attempt suicide

The IT and Communications department of Granada University jumped from coming 101st in 2012 to 42nd place in Shanghai's latest rankings

Francisco Triguero is the latest high-profile casualty in the ERE case

But men have higher employment rates

Reforms will see undergraduate degrees cut to three years

After a good five months in Spain, I am now able to consume copious amounts of olive oil on a regular basis without suffering from any negative dietary side effects!

In its anniversary year, Marbella Design Academy is bigger, better and more glamorous than ever before

Our new OP blogger Sarah Simone explains why making the decision to move to Salamanca was an easy one...

New world university rankings put Barcelona and Madrid top of the class in Spain




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