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The good, the bad and the ugly

Bob Maddox goes gunning for the greenhouses that cover Spain's southern coast. But El Gringo Maddox, who normally shoots from the lip when plastic is concerned, finds that those invernaderos could be the key in the fight against global warming

Poisoned bait leads to vulture and lynx deaths

Rare animals “deliberately killed” by farmers

The food fight begins

As the Slow Food Movement starts to make inroads in northern Spain, Dick Handscombe travels to Italy to find out how to spread its message in Andalucia

From Jete to El Bulli

It is classed as one of the best wines in Spain and is served in some of the nation's top restaurants. MARK ROULSTON heads to the modest village of Jete to revisit the even more modest bodega of Calvente

Law threatens Albariño wine

Draft law proposed by the region's health authority could effectively outlaw wine production.

The great emasculator

Spanish men lose their mojo as pollution plays havoc with the male gender

Shhhh! Dining Secrets

Launching Andalucia’s first and most discerning restaurant guide, The Olive Press presents first serialisation of editor Jon Clarke’s new book Dining Secrets of Andalucia

Not to be taken lightly

With the launch of the Olive Press' campaign to eradicate light pollution, PAUL DOWNING explains that turning off lights - or switching to shields...

In the Shadow of Don Geraldo’s Persimmons

“Gerald who?” Asked BOB MADDOX when he moved to Yegen. But he soon discovered as the ghost of the English author still roams the...

BUNKERED: Golf is hit by home sales slump

Golfers at La Moraleja, like those at courses across the whole of Spain, are rushing to sell memberships

Forget climate change – the bees are buzzing off

If bees became extinct today, mankind would follow suit in 2012. Albert Einstein proclaimed this insect the most important factor in our food chain.

Andalucia hotels with the mostest

The Olive Press asked seasoned travel writer Guy Hunter Watts to pick out his eight favourite hotels in Andalucia.... one for each province

Agave a day…

… helps us work, rest and play claims prickly BOB MADDOX, who takes a peek at one of Andalucía’s most iconic plants

Take a peek at Celtic Spain

Mike Souter has been writing travel features for over 25 years. He has reported from places as far apart as New Zealand and Cuba....

The battle of Lake Zahara

After their stunning home appeared in the Olive Press, the owners of Finca Pantano found a trio of buyers in a bidding war. Who said the property market was dead?

Zen and the art of fuel efficiency

After the fuel crisis of a fortnight ago many people will be looking for more economical ways to remain on the road. Here are...

The New Battle of Trafalgar

A new frontline is being drawn up along the Costa de la Luz, between developers and nature lovers who want to save one of...

Meltdown confirmed

Prices slump across Spain as US economist Greenspan claims Spanish economy in danger. Meanwhile banks stop lending on country properties and golf course schemes! By Jon...

Government reiterates coast battle

Cádiz coast first to benefit from construction crackdown

Dangerous shores for Jaws

It is official. The Mediterranean Sea is now the most dangerous place on Earth to swim - that is, if you are a shark

Not so Lanzagrotty

On a recent trip to the most northern of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, I was amazed at the breathtaking landscape and sheer diversity of food.

The “poverty complex” destroying Spain

The Olive Press' JON CLARKE talks to Greenpeace director Juan Lopez de UraldeHE is lost for words when asked why Spain does not value...

“Granada is a great example of the Alliance of Civilisations”

Both Turkey’s Prime Minister and CARLOS PRANGER believe Granada symbolises harmonious co-existence between different cultures. However, the latter is not as confident as the...

Spanish study confirms Climate Change predictions

Levels and temperature of Mediterranean have risen over 60 years

Language lessons

WE at the Olive Press have a predilection for new words. Every time new lingo enters the lexicon we hurriedly make a note for...

The idylls of Nerja

MARY ROULSTON takes a stroll around Nerja – the place mass tourism forgot. In this pleasant coastal town, she discovers a surge in the buy to let market




Live music fans are targeted by Alicante City to book overnight stays on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALICANTE council has done a deal where people booking tickets to musical events in the city can reserve an overnight stay as well. The City...