Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Travel News

Pilots in Spain call off Air Europa strike

The eleventh hour deal saves passengers from a headache

Eneko Atka of Azurmendi Bilbao to open London restaurant

The restaurant will focus on Atxa’s ‘fresh modern Basque dishes’

Andalucia’s tourism booms as numbers up 20% on last year

Andalucia has seen the highest increase in Spain

Blah Blah Blah offers kids outdoor summer of their dreams

The camps run for three weeks from July 17 to August 14

Pawesome new map shows the closest dog-friendly beaches in Spain

There are two dog-friendly beaches on the Costa del Sol

New app provides handy guide to Nerja

The app has gathered almost 1,000 users in its first few weeks

Antequera dolmens receive UNESCO World Heritage status

They are described as outstanding examples of megalithic architecture

Spanish airline calls strike for peak summer period

Spain is expecting a record number of visitors this summer

Surfing on the Costa de la Luz

Jon Clarke takes a surf class in El Palmar, the hippest resort on the Costa de la Luz

Where to stay on the Costa de la Luz

The Costa de la Luz is packed with hip places to stay

Six steps to take if you are involved in a car accident

Should the unthinkable happen, here are some tips that everyone should remember

Whale of a time

Sun-seekers and surfers aren’t the only ones who head to the Costa de la Luz every year

72 hours in Lisbon

Lance Rutkin jets to Portugal to discover how to get the most out of the capital over a long weekend

Spain named the best holiday destination in the world in new survey

It came first in every category bar one

The ions in the fire!

It is easily the most professional kite and windsurf centre on the Costa de la Luz

Horse riding along virgin Mangueta beach in El Palmar

On a two-hour round trip, led by our charming German guide, the views take in fields full of sunflowers, distant hills and, of course, the shimmering sea

Blown away by Tarifa

Sixteen years after her first taste of Tarifa, Iona Napier returns to the windy capital of Europe for another taste of bohemian bliss

Costa de la Luz: Into the light

Rob Horgan takes a ride through the sunbleached 'fresh and natural' towns of the bright and breezy Costa de la Luz

Four injured on first day of Pamplona bull run

No one in serious condition and no one gored

UK searches to move abroad increased by 30% post Brexit

UK residents considering a move

Fleet of electric cars leave Barcelona on round-the-world trip

Named The Hard One, the cars are attempting to return to Barcelona within 80 days

How to overcome jet lag this summer

Don’t underestimate the power of jet lag to rob you of your first days abroad





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