Friday, September 18, 2020
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Spain steps up security following Paris attack

Interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz increases country's anti-terrorist security following attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo

IRA bomber arrested in Malaga walks free

Donna Maguire - formerly Europe's most dangerous woman - released without charge

Expat could lose her eye after Puerto Banus attack

A 31-year-old woman could lose an eye after being stabbed nine times

Needless violence

Disturbing tale of a Spanish farmer battering a helpless puppy

Spanish farmer facing legal action for brutally attacking expat family’s dog in Alpujarras

EXCLUSIVE: Expats denounce Spanish farmer who left their dog crippled and brain dead in brutal attack

Knifepoint robbery gang seized in Axarquia

Gang carried out string of robberies, with victims including two young girls

Al-Qaeda terrorists urged to target Gibraltar

Jihadis target oil rigs and cargo ships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar

Gibraltar ape attack leaves man needing 40 stitches in ‘worst attack’ seen on the Rock

A Gloucestershire man has been left with long-term nerve damage in his arm after a Barbary macaque bit him

Expat novel banned from Granada’s Alhambra Palace in surprise censorship

Song of Granada, by Anne Sikking, has been banned from all three of the Alhambra’s bookshops as well as the state-run hotel, The Parador

Energy drinks can cause ‘sudden death’ according to Spanish medics

High caffeine can lead to angina, cardiac arrhythmia and even death

EXCLUSIVE: Young British expat blinded in one eye after savage assault in Puerto Banus

Clinton Fisher, 23, is furious after police apparently allowed his attacker to walk free after the New Year’s Eve assault

Brutal attack in Marbella blinds 15-year-old in one eye

The girl's father, a Danish resident in Marbella, is offering a reward of €2000 for information leading to the arrest of the attackers

Outrage after top bullfighter posts pit-bull attack on Facebook

Joao Moura Jr posted pictures showing a pack of pit bulls attacking a calf at his finca

Gibraltar macaque attack

A Gibraltar resident has been attacked by a Barbary macaque while walking down Main Street

Elderly British couple robbed and beaten in Spain

The 74 and 71-year-old husband and wife were attacked by robbers at their home in Almeria

Never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable

But despite full-scale government drive, domestic violence is still a big issue in Spain, discovers Wendy Williams

Sickening racist attack leaves man in a coma

Attacker allegedly shouted racist obscenities at him before dragging him to the ground

British expat arrested in Spain for assaulting his wife

Man also attacked police offices who came to her aid

Wild boar attacks Granada man

A man is recovering after a wild boar attacked his leg

Hit and run attack on Belgian diplomat

British man injures politician after driving his car into the ambassador