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Finca la garganta spain duke of westminster

A spot of feudal fun in Spain

Following a recent hunting trip by princes William and Harry, the Olive Press sent James Bryce to investigate the controversial estate of the Duke of Westminster, dubbed ‘the feudal lord’

Could Maddie be alive and well in Nerja?

Police investigate after Portuguese police request

Roman statues rescued in Spain

The bronze figures were about to be sold on the black market

Primark comes to Cordoba

The new store is to open on March 21

Earthquake shakes Jaen, Granada and Cordoba

The quake meaured 4.4 on the Richter Scale

Hunter killed 71 rare birds

Police believe illegal traps were used to snare the birds

Town’s sweet success

Chocolate bar measuring 250 metres breaks world record

Ruth and Jose: Police search grandparents’ finca once more

An sad Christmas for relatives of Ruth and Jose, who have been missing for over two months

A fishy tale in Andalucia

Experts discuss how to stop catfish threatening Andalucia's ecosystem

An edible Christmas in Spain

The world’s largest chocolate nativity scene is just one of the many differences that makes for the perfect Andaluz Christmas, writes Wendy Williams

Don’t hook a big ’un in Andalucia!

Junta set to prosecute anyone caught trying to reel in invasive catfish that threatens area

Mad Dog versus The Occult

Forget witchcraft and baby-eating: there's a new breed of Spanish Satanists - and they're dying to share a drink with you! Craig Scott travels to Cordoba to spend a night in 'Hell'

Breton did not threaten Ruth and Jose’s mother, says lawyer

Breton's lawyer says his client is being held on shaky evidence

Father of missing Cordoba siblings denied bail

Jose Breton Gomez to be held on remand on a charge of ‘illegal detention’ as the search for Ruth and Jose continues

The search continues for little Ruth and Jose

A ground radar was used to search the children’s grandparents’ home

3am arrest of missing kids’ dad in Spain

Arrest comes after mother’s emotional plea for safe return

Further cuts ahead for Spain despite million-strong 15-M protests

Protesters took to streets in 951 cities worldwide in opposition to austerity measures, but Spain is facing a harsh autumn and winter after new downgrade and inability to reign in spending in the regions. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

Police search Guadalquivir River for missing brother and sister as they rule out finding them alive

José and Ruth Bretón Ortiz, aged 2 and 6, were reported missing by their father on Saturday

My Top 10 places to visit in Spain

Recently Paul Whitelock wrote about his Top 10 places in Andalucía. Here he selects his Top 10 in the whole of Spain

My Top 10 places to visit in Andalucía

Which are your top 10 places to visit in Andalucía?

Poop patrol

Put away the acrobatic suit, the time may finally have come where we can just walk down the street…

Our blogger Hannah bids farewell to Cordoba

She's partial to lists so, in no particular order, here’s a list of her top things about Córdoba

Scrumptious Cordoba cuisine!

Lots of pork, olive oil, potatoes and vegetables make for a simple, delicious diet.

Patios Cordobeses are bloomin’ lovely

Locals go all out to decorate the central courtyards of their homes with flowers in a longstanding tradition

Cordoba enjoys bumper Easter bookings

Hoteliers are the big winners as Holy Week celebrations prove worth waiting for

Cordoba history is a thing of the past

Hannah discovers the archeological museum in Cordoba




Spain’s prime minister launches scathing attack on right-wing parties and media ahead of general elections

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez surprised everyone on Monday, when he called a snap election after his Socialist Party suffered serious losses at the...


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