Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Paella punch up

Holidaymakers beaten up, imprisoned and found guilty of assault on a police officer over a €15 paella addition to their lunch

Double drugs haul in Andalucia

A record-breaking amount of hashish has been found in Cordoba and Algeciras

Forced evictions and mortgage debt leads to suicides

Protesters have stepped up the campaign to reform Spain’s strict mortgage laws after four suicides in just one month

Muslims avoid jail after praying in Catholic cathedral

Nine men freed after being arrested for praying in the Mesquita in Cordoba in 2010

Traditional Cordoba patios on display until January 4

Thousands of visitors are expected to take advantage of the opportunity to view the secluded courtyards

Jose Breton’s family exercise right not to testify against him

The sister, brother and parents of Breton - accused of murdering his two children - refused to give evidence in Cordoba yesterday

Jose Breton calls toxicology reports ‘a lie’

The father accused of murdering his two children Ruth and Jose Breton claims that the remains belong to animals he burnt

Spanish olive oil receives top marks

Product from Andalucia recognised at UK's international food show

Ruth and Jose’s bodies ‘found cremated at finca’

Tests will confirm whether missing Ruth and Jose's bodies were burnt on bonfire

Experts confirm remains found on Cordoba estate belong to missing youngsters Ruth and Jose Breton

Children’s mother Ruth Ortiz commissioned an independent forensic report after police said remains belonged to animals

‘Hang the bankers’ as Gordillo leaves Cordoba

'Spain's Robin Hood', along with nearly 500 followers, will now continue their march across Andalucia

A champion day out in Andalucia

James Bryce takes a ride around the region’s best wakeboarding and waterskiing centres

A spot of feudal fun in Spain

Following a recent hunting trip by princes William and Harry, the Olive Press sent James Bryce to investigate the controversial estate of the Duke of Westminster, dubbed ‘the feudal lord’

Could Maddie be alive and well in Nerja?

Police investigate after Portuguese police request

Roman statues rescued in Spain

The bronze figures were about to be sold on the black market

Primark comes to Cordoba

The new store is to open on March 21

Earthquake shakes Jaen, Granada and Cordoba

The quake meaured 4.4 on the Richter Scale

Hunter killed 71 rare birds

Police believe illegal traps were used to snare the birds

Town’s sweet success

Chocolate bar measuring 250 metres breaks world record

Ruth and Jose: Police search grandparents’ finca once more

An sad Christmas for relatives of Ruth and Jose, who have been missing for over two months

A fishy tale in Andalucia

Experts discuss how to stop catfish threatening Andalucia's ecosystem

An edible Christmas in Spain

The world’s largest chocolate nativity scene is just one of the many differences that makes for the perfect Andaluz Christmas, writes Wendy Williams

Don’t hook a big ’un in Andalucia!

Junta set to prosecute anyone caught trying to reel in invasive catfish that threatens area

Mad Dog versus The Occult

Forget witchcraft and baby-eating: there's a new breed of Spanish Satanists - and they're dying to share a drink with you! Craig Scott travels to Cordoba to spend a night in 'Hell'

Breton did not threaten Ruth and Jose’s mother, says lawyer

Breton's lawyer says his client is being held on shaky evidence

Father of missing Cordoba siblings denied bail

Jose Breton Gomez to be held on remand on a charge of ‘illegal detention’ as the search for Ruth and Jose continues