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Energy drinks can cause ‘sudden death’ according to Spanish medics

High caffeine can lead to angina, cardiac arrhythmia and even death

Pensioner charged following sister’s unnatural death in Torre Del Mar

A 71-year old is charged after her schizophrenic sister is said to have died unnaturally

Tea drinking reduces risk of dying early by a quarter

Great news for the Brits

BREAKING: Spanish ebola victim dies

The priest underwent four days of experimental treatment with the drug ZMapp

Gang of 15 go to court over Competa death of father-of-three

The British holidaymaker was thrown off a bar terrace in 2009

Spain blamed for ‘wall of death’ wiping out British sharks

Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets responsible for plummeting UK shark populations

Worst weekend for traffic accidents claims 20 lives

This weekend saw the highest number of fatal traffic accidents so far this year

Death of former Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez imminent, announces son

Adolfo Suarez, the champion of democracy following Franco, has been given 48 hours to live

Saying goodbye

Grieving is part of the natural cycle of loss explains Juliet Hambro

Pregnant Brit dies after Girona airport collapse

20-year-old girl dies after fainting at Spanish airport

Baby dies in Spanish airport baggage reclaim horror

Five-month-old boy killed in Alicante airport

Youth gored to death in bull run

A 16-year-old boy was killed in a small town's running of the bulls

Body found on Estepona beach

Officials alerted in the early morning hours of possible drowning death

Health cuts could cost lives warn Spanish doctors

Healthcare cuts could be leading to spiralling medical problems, claim experts

Double deaths in Murcia

Missing Dutch couple found buried in shallow graves

Second tragedy for Malaga Three Kings family

The mother of a boy crushed under the wheels of a float during a Christmas Three Kings parade in Malaga has died

Thousands spend the night in the streets after Spain’s worst earthquake in 50 years killed eight people

Up to 20,000 people slept in squares, parks and nearby countryside as concerns are being raised over the standards of building

Belt up

A quater of all people who died in traffic accidents last year in Spain were not wearing a seat belt

Leap of madness

Four lives wasted as lethal balcony-jumping craze - known as 'balconing' - takes hold

On the loose in Spain

Dangerous Scouser O´Flaherty sought after the shooting of an Irish father-of-two in Spanish bar

Clock stops for timeshare king Garry Leigh

OLIVE PRESS EXCLUSIVE: Costa timeshare king Garry Leigh has been killed

Riddle as body of missing five-year-old found in Spain

German boy found after huge police operation scoured the mountainous area of north Cordoba

Mum killer horror in Spain

Toddlers found dead in Costa Brava hotel room

Dead body mystery

Cause of death unknown for unidentified man found in Granada

Buried on the beach

EXCLUSIVE BY ANDREW PEARCE IN LA MAMOLA: The funeral of the English couple killed by freak roof collapse attended by hundreds of Spanish and British mourners on the coast

New year drunk and disorderly

More violence and alcohol problems this year... in the capital at least, while two die on Andalucian roads





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